Dovercourt Road

Glass Side Infill Extension in Dulwich Estate Conservation Area

This architecturally designed side infill extension added almost 50% more additional space to the ground floor living areas of this Edwardian Home creating a bright open plan living space. Our minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used along two elevations of the modern extension, bringing lighting into the house and providing that minimal connection between the inside and out.

The family home was based within a conservation area in the Dulwich Estate and had failed multiple planning applications. This extension design eventually was accepted due to its minimal nature and clever use of glass.

From the street, the additional living space is hardly visible. Only a slim shot of frameless structural glass is visible and is used to connect the existing building with the new garage building.

Featured In

The Evening Standard Awards: AJ Small Project Awards 2013




Dulwich, London

To the rear, our slim framed sliding doors open on a corner to connect the living areas to an awkwardly shaped rear garden.

Thanks to the slim framing of the glazing, and the large elevations of glass, the house and garden are effectively merged whether the sliding doors are open or closed.

Typical aluminium casement doors were used as the access doors to the adjoining bike shed and garden storage building, finished in the same RAL colour as the aluminium sliding doors. This colour matching ensures that the sliding doors and adjoining casement doors work well as part of the larger architectural design, even though they are different systems.


structural glass roof spans over much of the new side return extension with structural glass beams in low iron glass used as the supporting method. The frameless glass roof connects with the minimal windows® on the south elevation and a frameless glass window to the west. IQ Glass designed and detailed all glass connections to ensure a seamless junction between the different elements.

The glass roof was designed with a 3D structure. The structural glass roof sits atop some slim vertical glass ‘windows’. The frameless clerestory window design forms part of the glass roof, elevating the ceiling level whilst bringing light in from the side of the building

This vertical inclusion of structural glass on this elevation was a conscious decision to catch the southern sun at critical parts of the day.