Douglas Road

Glass Box Extension with Bi Fold Doors in London

This terrace house in central London was internally renovated and extended with an extensive glass box extension using aluminium bi fold doors.

The elegant and light glass extension opened up the dark interior at the rear of the house, filtering natural light deep into the internal of the home.

This highly glazed structure was constructed of high specification structural glazing that weaved seamlessly between brickwork to create an innovative glass box extension design.

To the roof low iron structural glass beams support the glass roof, minimising the amount of solid structure within the glazed extension and opening the space to the sky.

High specification aluminium bi fold doors were included in the glass structure to the base. The aluminium frames were powder coated RAL 9005 Matt which is a deep black colour.

Paired with clear unconstructed glass the dark frames offer a clean and crisp rear elevation for the extension from both inside and out.

Across the base threshold, the flat finish creates a seamless transition from inside to out, facilitating the merging of inside and out in warmer months. 

Above the bi-folding doors, a clear frameless glass canopy protrudes from the glazed extension. This structural glass canopy provides a simple and seamless cover to the rear elevation of glass.

If the bifolding doors are open and there is a sudden downpour the clear glass structure provides protection whilst not blocking any natural light. 

Internally various structural glass installations were included to allow the light from the glazed extension to penetrate deep into the house.

These glass structures included a myriad of structural glass balustrades to staircases and to the upper ground floor mezzanine floor.