Crown Meadow

Contemporary Structural Glass Box Addition to Traditional Home

IQ Specialist Works designed and installed a structural glass box extension onto this traditional home for a contemporary addition.

This glass box extension includes an aluminium casement door, providing the homeowners with easy access to the home and basement below the garden.


Amersham, Buckinghamshire

This structural glass extension has added value to the property as well as creating a contemporary aesthetic to the traditional house.

Glass extensions are great for allowing homeowners to extend their home which in turn brings more natural lighting into the home as well as providing extra living space.

This structural glass box was installed onto the rear of the home to create a conservatory-style space. However, the homeowners do not use this space as a conservatory but as an entrance to the basement below the garden.

walk on glass floor was also installed, taking place next to the glass box. Both structural glass installations help to maximise the natural light intake into the basement where it is hard for natural light to reach. The glass floor has been back painted to create a black border on the visible glass from outside the home.

This glass floor has a flush finish whereas using framing would have created a step. Framing would have increased the risk of injury if the family were to trip, it would have also reduced the natural light intake into a normally dark area.

An aluminium casement door was installed to provide safe and easy access to the glass extension and home entrance. The framing on both the aluminium casement door and glass extension have all been powder coated black to create a seamless contemporary addition to the home.