Cranley Gardens

Rear Refurb and Loft Extension

IQ designed and installed the large sliding glass doors to slide away from the corner and into pockets in the left and right cavity walls leaving a completely open space completed with a lovely finishing across the sliding tracks.

fixed frameless window (or Picture Window) beside the sliding doors carries on the minimal framing aesthetic and helps to provide and maximise the unobstructed view and bringing the light ingress even further back into the property.

Within the loft extension IQ’s large sliding glass doors were used once again with a frameless glass balustrade for even more uninterrupted views. This also provides a strong safety barrier as well as fantastic resistance to all weather conditions.


A second picture window provides maximum light into the narrow internal stairwell, allowing the stairwell to light up with colour and again give a fantastic view of the beautiful garden.

IQ also used aluminium pressings on the wall on the upper floor, this was coloured to match the same RAL colours use on the slim framed sliding doors and to help conceal any elements such as the steel beams as they would not suit the look of this contemporary home.


The use of glass has helped turn this home from what used to be a dark living space into a beautiful, contemporary home.


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