Cranley Gardens

Loft Extension with Slim Sliding Glass Doors + Structural Glass

This London semi detached home was extended with a loft extension using sliding glass doors. The slim framed glass design from IQ maximised the natural light that was able to penetrate the new master bedroom and staircase.

With a small aperture, the minimal sightlines of the sliding glass doors of the loft extension were important to the design. Our slim framed sliding glass doors were used which offer a slim 20mm sightline when closed with floor to ceiling glass. This ensured that both views out from the bedroom were maintained and that large amounts of daylight were afforded to the loft extension thanks to the slim frame of the sliding door.


Outside the loft extension sliding glass doors, a small balcony was created, offering a small outdoor space for the master bedroom. This outdoor space was protected with a a frameless glass balustrade for even more uninterrupted views. This also provides a strong safety barrier as well as fantastic resistance to all weather conditions.


A new staircase to the new loft extension extended directly from the existing stairwell, extending upwards to the new rooftop space. Here, maximum light was ensured with a frameless structural glass window – known as a Picture Window.

As the name suggests, the frameless window frames the green garden views outside the loft extension with a large pane of frameless glass. The large size of the picture window means that natural light is able to filter down the entire staircase from the loft extension.

To the ground floor, open corner sliding doors were used that slide away into pockets within the walls. These hidden pocket doors fully open the ground floor living spaces to the patio and garden area.

To the left of the elevation, a single fixed window mirrors the design of the loft extension window, creating a full floor to ceiling window from the dining room to the patio.

As part of the interior open plan living design, this single fixed window was detailed to match the open corner sliders to the right, using the same framing design and colouring to match.

To the right of the elevation, a corner opening sliding glass door creates a full glass corner to the living spaces. Two sliding glass doors face the rear elevation with a single sliding pocket door on the return.

These two glass elevations slide away from the corner into pockets which were built into the brick wall structure.