Cornwall Terrace

Bespoke Pool and Sauna Windows in Large Terrace House Renovation

Within the basement of this impressive terrace property was a luxurious indoor swimming pool and spa which suffered from poor lighting and felt quite claustrophobic. The architects aimed to activate this space by opening up various rooms to allow light from the courtyard garden to flood the space. The courtyard was below ground level to create a romantic outdoor space that leads beautifully into the relaxing spa and swimming pool rooms.


The swimming pool room and sauna are located off a large lounge area in the basement that faces the courtyard. The homeowners specified that they wanted to not only connect the swimming pool room to the outdoor space but also to the other rooms in the basement.

Therefore, interior frameless glass walls were installed between the pool room and the living room. Large arched frameless glass windows were also installed to the external walls leading from the living room to the outdoor space. This parallel installation of frameless glazing allows the light to travel uninterruptedly throughout various internal rooms.

The internal glass wall was installed in sections, separated by ornate stone pillars that gave the room an ancient bath aesthetic. Each structural glass installation was delicately installed into the internal stonework to create a seamless finish that didn’t interrupt the appearance of the stone.

The glass wall was created using three sets of two panes of glass, which had an incredibly slim silicone joint between each pane. This beautifully minimalistic glass installation resulted in high transparency throughout the interior design for a light and airy atmosphere.

IQ Heated Glass was included within the manufacture of this interior glass wall to help eliminate condensation build-up on the internal glazing. Heated glass is an outstanding glass technology that keeps large elevations of glass free of moisture and is an invisible source of heat.


When using heated glass to eliminate condensation, no trenchworks or are required to maintain the minimal, frameless aesthetic of structural glass. This specialist heated glass has a transparently metal oxide coating where the electricity is passed through (via buzz bars hidden within the glass construction) to generate a radiant heat source.

To one side of the pool is a steam room and sauna for the homeowners to enjoy after a swim in the pool. Large frameless glass windows were installed to these rooms to allowing that natural light to even further into the depth of the basement. Heated glass was also used in these glass installations to reduce condensation on both the internal and external panes of glass.


Basements in these extraordinary properties are fantastic spaces to install these luxury facilities as the low light levels can provide a relaxing atmosphere when the spatial design is beautifully executed.

Using frameless interior glass systems in these spaces results in a sophisticated broken plan design; dividing a large space but retaining visibility throughout the whole floorplan.

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