This beautifully modern barn renovation and extension project included the installation of multiple sliding glass door systems to create a near frameless glass façade, wrapping around three sides of the entrance courtyard. These floor to ceiling glass units allow an uninterrupted path of natural light to flood each of the internal living spaces.

Aluminium sliding doors were installed to a modern kitchen, TV room and specialist garage, as well as double-height glass to two opposing sides of the dining area. The large glass facades provided the homeowners with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, as well as flooding the white-walled interiors with plenty of natural light throughout the day. The choice of sliding doors allowed seamless, easy access between the ground-floor rooms and the courtyard area, and opened up a quick external route that connected opposite sides of the property together.

Rural barn home with slim sliding doors accessing the kitchen and specialist car garage
Flush threshold aluminium sliding doors to modern kitchen with concealed blindsSlim sliding glass doors installed to barn conversion home leading onto internal living spaces

The minimal glass façade created along one wall of the garage area was particularly effective in showcasing the beautiful collection of classic and contemporary cars housed there. The minimal sliding doors reach an impressive 8m in length and have a completely flush finish, allowing the cars to be driven easily and smoothly out of the garage. Spotlights were also installed along the edge of the floor to illuminate the glass walls at night.

On the opposite side of the courtyard, two-track double-height glass doors framed the impressive countryside views on either side of the high-ceilinged dining space inside. These oversized sliding doors were designed to be manually operated, while still achieving a smooth opening motion. The rooms on the upper floor of this section were connected by a suspended walkway that runs the length of the sliding doors, affording the homeowners additional stunning views from above. 

Frameless structural glass wall with hidden fixings joining to exposed brick wallDouble height modern dining space with oversized sliding glass doors occupying both walls

Solar control coatings were applied to each of the glazed units used in the project, to help control the internal temperature during hot weather and direct sunshine. Applying a solar control coating is particularly important when using large amounts of glazing, such as that used on both sides of the double-storey dining area.

Concealed motorised blinds were also incorporated above each of the sliding doors to provide quick and easy shade and privacy when required. When fully open, the blinds are hidden in a small unit painted to match the walls so as not to detract from the minimal interior design.

Full glazing package to contemporary barn conversion in Northamptonshire, with sliding glass doors and classic car collection