Chaldon Road

A side infill extension in London with Sliding Glass Doors and Structural Glass Roof

Glass extensions create useable space and light to even the smallest of spaces for maximum impact.

IQ Glass completed the design and installation of a slim side infill extension to a terrace family home in London.

Side Return Extensions are a popular extension in cities where traditional terrace houses have been extended to the rear leaving an underused passage down the side of the house.

By extending into these external passageways and opening up the internal layout of the home you can easily create a living space much better suited to modern lives and current design trends.


Architect: PD Design Consulting



At Chaldon Road, the double height side infill extension design makes an immediate design statement both from an internal and external view.

Fixed frameless structural glass units were installed above our popular minimally framed slim sliding glass doors to create a double height elevation of glass.


The base of the structural glass panel is stepped over the necessary steel supports of the doors below for a smooth externally glazed appearance.

The head of the structural glass panel was shaped to slope with the glass roof design which then returns from the rear elevation down the side of the slim extension.


Internally this rear double height void is looked over from a small Oriel glass box window on the upper floors, allowing light from this double height glass elevation and the above glass roof to enter the upper bedroom spaces. 

The structural glass roof comes away from the double height glass face at a pitch and then vertically drops further back into the extension before continuing over the new kitchen area.

The structural glass roof is accentuated internally with the clever use of LED lighting strips between the clear glass and white ceilings.

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