This contemporary new build home enjoys picturesque views from its hilly vantage point in rural Buckinghamshire. A full architectural glazing package was designed to ensure that each of the modern living spaces was bright and airy, with frameless structural glazing and minimal sliding doors used throughout to create expansive glazed elevations that overlook the beautiful countryside surroundings.

Built into a gentle slope, the entrance is found on the upper floor while the underground section of the two-storey home remains brightly lit by a fixed structural glass roof. To the side, tall brick feature walls with integrated glass balustrades add a unique sense of character and individuality to the property.

Brick feature will with structural frameless glass balustradeMinimal sliding glass doors and aluminium casement windows

A set of 5 sliding glass doors runs the length of the large ground floor living room, wrapping around the corner to create a seamless corner opening connection with a second perpendicular set of sliding doors.

Above, the master bedroom benefits from floor-to-ceiling glass across two adjacent walls, allowing the homeowners to enjoy panoramic views of the valley. IQ’s thermally broken Invisio system was used to create the glass walls, with minimal silicone joints connecting each glazed panel. A shaped gable end structural glass window is integrated above one of these walls, allowing even more light to flood the room, while a large fixed frameless effect rooflight further brightens the area.


Frameless glass walls and sliding glass facade to new build homeAluminium minimal framed glass casement window set in timber wall

The final component of the structural glazing package takes the form of Sieger aluminium casement windows, which create regular openings along the rear glazed elevation of the home. Each window arrangement is comprised of a fixed glass unit, with a top hung casement window above. Each of these windows have been fitted with automated opening actuators, as well as a window restrictor to ensure the safety of the homeowner’s young children.

With such an extensive surface area of glass used for the property, solar control coatings were a vital finishing touch. This technical glass solution reduces solar gain while maintaining light transmission, ensuring a comfortable internal living space during sunny weather.

New build home with slim framed sliding glass facade and aluminium picture windows