Castellarano, Italy

Luxury Italian home

This eclectic home set in the heart of the Italian countryside benefitted form multiple Apertio door systems, used in various locations with differing designs. The three-storey home, including a basement garage for a collection of vintage cars, is mostly cream in colour.

Creating a contrast from the pale design is the Apertio solid front door. The front entrance, approached by stepping stones over a water feature, is bold in its dark colour choice and framed with 2 panels and a floor to ceiling sidelight. The external handle is a pull bar and has been chosen in the large size for this entrance to make more of a statement, with the internal handle being simpler and more tucked away. The large door pivots upon opening, creating a unique modern entryway.

The Apertio solid front door is beautifully modern and designed to the highest specifications to ensure security is of paramount importance. The door uses a reinforced steel core that is clad in a wide range of materials to suit any design requirements.

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The sheer size of this front door makes it a design feature upon approaching the luxury home. Each of these door systems are constructed with built-in, reinforced integrated locking on multiple faces of the door, providing a secure, robust yet invisible locking solution.

Although strikingly dark on the outside, the front door has a different design on the inside, it is white in colour to suit the interior design. Inside the home is beautifully designed with a monochrome theme and spacious layout. Large elevations of glass are used to create light filled, airy spaces.

To the rear of the property there is another door, similar in design to the front door only smaller. This back door grants access to a different area of the surrounding gardens, again creating a stark contrast between the door and the exterior design.

The back door is set next to a matching side panel, giving the illusion of a larger door and this time is on a hinged mechanism. This door has an electronic locking system accessed via keypad. This method ensures only those with the necessary codes will have access.

The interior design of the first floor is slightly softer, following less of a monochrome theme but equally as striking. Here the Apertio door has been used in a softer colour finish for a hinged bedroom door, with smaller ironmongery for less of a statement door.

The lowest of the three floors houses a grey Apertio door, colour matched to the surrounding concrete colour. This door chooses fingerprint technology for its security preference, granting access with ease to those who are preauthorised.

Into the basement garage space, amongst the collection of cars there is another hinged Apertio solid door with keypad access, this time granting access to a home gym. Again, this door is dark on the outside and white on the inside, perfectly suited to the clean design of the gym.