Located in the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, this stunning residential new build breaks the boundaries of indoor-outdoor living. Multiple sets of minimally framed sliding glass doors have been integrated along each side of the property to allow for seamless access between the expansive internal living areas and the sprawling verdant lawns surrounding the home.

The building structure itself has been engineered using a mix of eclectic, modern blocks made of glass, timber and concrete that create structural overhangs and cavities for a truly unique design. Timber has been used throughout the entire property, including solid wood panelled floors, ceilings and walls, as well as in the external cladding, integrating the home seamlessly with the surrounding nature and vegetation.

Modern dining room with frameless glass sliding doors
Sliding glass doorsModern living room with sliding glass patio doors

Along the side-facing length of the home, six near-frameless sliding glass sashes open out onto a minimal open plan living area, creating a bright and open space. To the rear wall of the living room, a double-width opening connects to a study area and sunken seating space lined with frameless floor-to-ceiling structural glass running the entire length of the room.

At the rear of the property, a minimal glass box has been constructed using three walls made up of corner-to-corner sliding glass with narrow supporting pillars. These crisp glass elevations around each side of the expansive residence create a beautiful contrast with the warm timber tones used throughout the home.

Each of the sliding doors create a completely flush threshold between the internal flooring and a strip of external wooden decking that runs the perimeter of the property. Together with a narrow timber clad overhang, this strip of decking helps provide protection from the rain and allows the sliding doors to be kept open even during wet weather.


New build home with corner to corner sliding glass doorsOversized frameless glass pivot door


In addition to the sliding door systems used throughout, an oversized pivot door grants access to the garden from the internal hallway. Reaching an impressive 3-4 meters in width, the pivot door makes for a dramatic frameless opening when pulled open, and creates a large glass elevation when closed, that floods the internal space with natural light.

Above, a section of the first floor takes the shape of a large study/living area that looks out onto a sheltered balcony framed with a minimal glass balustrade that runs flush with the outer wall of the building on either side. The balcony is accessed via a 4-pane minimal sliding glass door system, allowing for extensive ventilation through the upper floor.

This upper floor section creates an overhang over a completely open external seating area directly below. The full protection offered by this cleverly integrated roof allows for al fresco dining during the wetter months, and is lit with warm LED lights peppered across the overhanging ceiling.


Open plan living room with sliding glass facade