Cannon Lane

New build home in London featuring curved glass floor to ceiling windows

This newly built home in London appears ordinary from the outside, but inside boasts a unique architectural style featuring strong curve designs. This includes curved walls, staircases, furniture and curved panoramah! ah!38 system.

Using a light but warm neutral colour palette for the interior design brings with it a feeling of simplicity and serenity. This is further brought into the home through maximising the natural light and using glazing to create a biophilic design.

The panoramah! ah!38 curved glazing has minimal sightlines of just 20mm, which not only maximise the light coming into the property but also maximises the views outwards. The views of nature outside matched with the earth tones inside strengthened the bond between the property and nature.

Either side of the curved glass is a casement door which leads out onto one of the properties multiple balconies. Ultra slim framing offers uninterrupted views of the garden from within the property so on rainy days the outside can still be enjoyed from the inside.


North-West London

Floor to ceiling glazing is an excellent way to increase the perceived size of a space, as it allows a significant amount of light in which then reflects of the light surfaces used for the interior of the home. The use of concave glazing also allows for the balcony to have a larger area without taking much space from the internal living area.

Frameless glass balustrades encapsulate the balconies, allowing natural light to flow through into the home without obstruction. Glass balustrades blend in seamlessly with the modern and minimalistic architectural style and do not affect the external view of the property.

Overall this uniquely designed home, with curves being a theme throughout both the interior and exterior design, offers an inviting external view and a warm welcome inside. The bright and open spaces within are complimented by the abundance of glazing including curved glass and frameless glass balustrades.