Canal House Indoor Pool

Indoor pool project featuring IQ Heated Glass

The IQ Glass Heated system was commissioned to supply and install bespoke heated glass for an indoor pool project at Little Venice Villa in London.

The heated pool glazing was installed within the buildings existing basement archways in the indoor pool to expose the original architecture aswell as allow maximum light ingress to enhance the feeling of space. Large frameless windows allow the natural light to pass between the indoor pool and corridor. These large frameless windows also provide great views of the indoor pool from the corridor, ideal for being able to see who is using the pool at any time.



Little Venice

Having these windows here also allows a separation between the pool and corridor, enabling the corridor to be much cooler and the pool area warmer, keeping the pool heated. These large frameless windows are made bespoke to fit the arches, keeping the aesthetic consistent throughout the corridor and pool area.

As these windows are frameless, the arches themselves act as the framing, adding to the contemporary aesthetic.


IQ's indoor pool heated glass has been incorporated into these windows to eliminate any condensation build up in the large shaped panels. Antimisting allows for unobstructed views with a consistent heated indoor pool area maintained at all times, creating a very comfortable and enjoyable living space within the home.

There are no visible additions to the indoor pool heated glass such as floor grates or trench works which allow the large glass façades to create a minimal, modern interior design. This system also prevents any draughts from passing into the indoor pool or through the glass into the corridor.

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