Camlet Way House

Double Height Automated Windows to Contemporary New Build

The completion of this contemporary new build house was the second phase of the building development at Camlet Way. The first phase of the build encompassed the creation of a standalone sub ground level house in the rear garden.

Phase 2 of the development included the creation of this impressive detached house with large elements of architectural glazing, designed to make a statement and bring in lots of natural light.



The real statement elements of the design occur to the rear elevation. Here three identical vertically sliding sash windows were installed from IQ’s minimal windows® system. The vertically sliding sash windows are made with an aluminium frame and maintain a 21mm horizontal sightline. The use of the tall narrow glazing slips into the building envelope offering an interesting design that is unlike most other designs, making the building stand out from the crowd.

The resulting glass elevation at the rear offers a double height elevation of glass that can slide automatically up for access to the garden at the push of a button. Internally the double-height slips of glass within the rear wall offer long and day-long ingress of natural light and top-level views over Wrotham Park and the greenbelt countryside.

Other elements of glazing to the rear include aluminium windows and doors which offer more direct access to the rear gardens.

The symmetry of the building design continues on the front elevation with twin-peaked roofs to each side of the building and large structural glass bay windows offering more floor to ceiling structural glass windows.