Camlet Way Hidden House

Sub Ground Contemporary New Build incorporates many elements of architectural glass

IQ Glass worked on this new build in Barnet, designing and installing a bespoke glazing package to enhance the architectural design of the sub ground building. The new build is located within a green belt conservation area and the design had to be carefully considered to meet the planning criteria in these sensitive areas.


The design featured entire walls of slim sliding doors in Barnet, highly glazed designs are usually favoured in green belt locations due to the transparent nature of glass allowing subtle designs to be created. The building was constructed below ground level and is situated in the back garden of the expansive family home.

When designing the underground home, or any underground home, the glazing must be carefully considered to ensure the natural light is captured at every opportunity and the internal living spaces are not dark. Windows often cannot be incorporated in these areas and where windows are not possible, IQ's minimally framed glass door systems are a great choice.

The project incorporated slim sliding doors in Barnet, creating a central courtyard design that allows light to travel through the open plan living space and flood all areas with light throughout the day. The moving glass walls can be opened up when the weather permits, to merge indoor and outdoor environments and create one large living space.

The slim sliding doors in Barnet were well suited to the sunken home, with panels available in up to 12m² they create floor to ceiling moving glass walls, channelling natural light far into deeper rooms. The large sliding panes create a contrast against the pale brick exterior, enhancing the wider building design with the oversized glazing finish.

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