Cambridge Road

Contemporary rear renovation with glass roof and sliding patio doors

This elegant rear extension in Twickenham, London transformed the long narrow room into a modern, brightly lit kitchen, dining, and workspace. Frameless structural glazing, exposed brick, and clean solid timber surfaces work together to create a contemporary yet homely living space, while minimal sliding glass doors provide a seamless connection with the outdoor terrace and seating area. 

Thermally broken architectural glass was used to create a glass roof above the sliding doors, with a frameless glass-to-glass connection to a structural glass upstand that gives a heightened sense of space to the dining space at the rear of the renovation.


4 Home Design 


Twickenham, London

Invisio structural glass was used to create the frameless glass roof and connecting glazed panels. Each of the glass to glass connections was joined together with a slim black silicone seal to conceal the fixings. The only fully thermally broken structural glazing system on the market, the Invisio system can be used to create completely bespoke configurations with almost limitless numbers of sizes and shapes possible.

The glass roof was specified as standard with toughened glass and a laminated interlayer, a key aspect when designing roof glazing as it ensures the safety of the occupants by holding the glass in place even in the unlikely event of breakage, rather than falling down onto the room below.

A triple track of sliding doors was designed to allow each of the three panes to be slid in both directions, allowing the doors to be stacked on either side of the opening according to what is preferred on any given day.

With minimal 21mm sightlines, the black powder-coated aluminium frames add a striking edge to the renovation while seamlessly blending together with the black silicone joints of the roof glazing above.

An additional large fixed frameless effect rooflight was installed further inside the room to ensure that the entire space is flooded with natural light all throughout the day. The fixed rooflight system has a completely frameless appearance from the inside for a minimal finish that emphasises the space and height of the room.