Burdon Lane

Full glass façade on rear extension

The homeowners of this detached family home wanted a full-length extension to the rear of their property to increase the amount of living space for their growing family. The architects worked closely with the homeowners to devise a way to increase the living space while connecting their indoor and outdoor living areas together.

Rear extensions can be outstanding ways to improve properties whether that’s to increase the influx of natural light or to bridge the divide between the different living environments. Rear extensions can be filled with large elevations of glazing to achieve the highly desired indoor-outdoor living environment or create a contemporary aesthetic.

The rear extension to this property allowed the internal spaces to be opened up into a modern open plan living/dining and kitchen area. The open plan design opened the original ground floor areas to create a more contemporary living environment that was filled with natural light. Thanks to an installation of slim framed sliding doors, that ran the full length of the extension, natural sunlight was able to flood the new and existing ground floor rooms. The slim frames allow an abundance of light to pass through into the living space uninterruptedly.


Aluminium framed sliding doors were installed to the rear extension to allow light into the ground floor rooms and also to break the divide between the garden and indoor living spaces. The homeowners now benefit from step-free access into the garden from the home.

The aluminium sliding glass doors fill the rear extension, running the full width of the property, and filling the aperture from floor to ceiling. Installing glazing to fill the full aperture of the extension provides an outstanding indoor-outdoor living experience as the homeowners feel connected to the garden whether the doors are open or closed.

These sliding doors were installed as two, four-track sliding door configurations side by side, with just a slim room divider in between. The room divider protruded from the wall for approximately 1 metre, to offer an idea of two separate rooms while maintaining an open plan feel.

One of the sliding door installations offered access from the large living room into the garden, while the other installation provided access from the kitchen/ dining room onto the outdoor living area. This seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor environments extends the entertainment areas, especially for alfresco dining.

IQ Glass UK provided minimally framed sliding glass doors to fill the entire rear elevation of this extension. The sliding doors were configured around structural supports on the rear wall of the property.

The resulting rear extension is exactly what the homeowners were looking for. They can now enjoy a light-filled, open plan home that offers them additional space and natural light. The use of sliding doors on this extension meant that when the doors are open the property can benefit from excellent ventilation that can flow throughout the home.

The sliding doors also help to connect the occupants to their garden which was otherwise disconnected which stopped the family for utilising this space. Now that the sliding doors showcase the abundant outdoor space, the family can better utilise this space, especially during the summer.