Brick Garden Room

Large Sliding Glass Doors to Brick Garden Room

IQ’s minimal windows sliding glass door system was used to create large patio doors which were then installed onto this brick construction garden room.

The small garden living area benefits from the flush floor finishes of IQ’s sliding door system as well as the minimal sight lines afforded to the frames. Combining the slim 21mm framing with large glass panels gives the homeowners incredible views of their external swimming pool and garden.


The large sliding glass doors along with the fixed window, installed onto the side of the glass box, ensures the maximum amount of natural light enters the garden room from all angles.

This glass box provides a space for homeowners to relax in the shade, when taking a break from the sun when relaxing around the pool, whilst still allowing the natural light to pass through to brighten the space.


These sliding glass doors have been configured to open on a corner, opening out the internal space even further and creating an indoor-outdoor living space. The flush finish provides step-free access between these areas, improved by the amount of available space to move between the indoors and outdoors.

Choosing a black powder coating for the aluminium framing and large glazed panels provides a contemporary addition to the more traditional brick building.