IQ designed and built this stunning slick glass assembly on this modern home extension in one of London's most exclusive areas using a range of architectural glazing products.

The conservative extension included floor-to-ceiling double glazed doors and a ‘Flush’ Glassdoor, by bonding the glass to the door frame a streamlined finish was achieved.


glass box extension

The structural glass box was installed at the rear of the house allowing light to pass through at all different angles adding value to the house as well as adding to the modern aesthetic of this house. Using some of the latest technologies around bespoke glazing creating a customised room giving it a lovely warm and relaxed feel.

Structural glass wall was integrated as part of the design allowing natural light to ingress through the room without any framing obstructions to the view of the garden bringing the client that much closer to the outside world.

IQ Glass used structural glass beams to support the glazed roof meeting the wall finish seamlessly minimising the solid structure within.