Belsize Lane

Large Frameless Glazing in Belsize Park London

Architects Studio Carver designed the extension of this property in Belsize Park.

The initial brief was to transform a neglected area of outdoor space into an extension of their existing study area while connecting it with their garden and increase the amount of natural light within the space. 

The project was designed around a large frameless window that provided picturesque views of the beautifully landscaped garden while the owners were studying or reading indoors.



Richard Chivers, Architects: Studio Carver



Wooden cladding internally and externally was used to further connect the owners with the outdoors to provide that well sought-after indoor-outdoor living environment. 

As well as wooden cladding, the architects designed wooden furniture that accentuated the connection with the outdoors while also creating storage space for the owners to display their collection of books.

The beauty of this design is the simplicity of the overall aesthetic; from the minimal frames to the simple use of colour in the warm-toned wood and the clean white garden tiles.

Each element works beautifully together to create a modern, light and airy space that offers a relaxing atmosphere for contemplation and creativity.

Alongside the structural glass window, IQ created a sliding pocket door to maintain the frameless glass aesthetic whilst allowing access to the garden. The sliding pocket door was created using the minimal windows® sliding doors system.

The slim aluminium framing of the system allows natural light to flood into the room alongside the frameless glass window. 

The finished result is a charming modern extension that brightens up this corner of the garden through the warm tones of the wooden cladding, while also brightening the internal space through large expanses of glass.