Belle Vue

Architectural Glazing Elements to a Large Bespoke Property

A broad range of architectural glazing elements was installed onto this bespoke property in Dorset. Each of these elements follows the exact requirements from the client.

The property is largely constructed from in-situ cast concrete internal walls and waffle slab floors, faced with a mixture of facing bricks and architectural stone masonry.


The property uses a mix of traditional sliding sash timber windows along with contemporary minimal aluminium glazed frames on different elevations. The property also includes a bespoke beach hut and garden room.

On the ground floor of the property, IQ Glass installed their minimal windows sliding glass door system to provide easy access to the internal and external spaces.

These two sets of sliding glass doors were installed onto the rear of the property and were made up of two panes. The aluminium coating was designed to match with the lightly coloured exterior of the home.

Frameless effect curved glass was also installed to allow natural light to pass through into the downstairs living spaces as well as to provide stunning views of the beach for the homeowners.

Installing curved glass allowed the homeowners to integrate glazing that followed the shape of the building. This provides a unique design.

Frameless structural glazing was installed onto the side of the home to create floor-to-ceiling frameless windows. The frameless effect allows the maximum amount of natural light and views without any framing obstruction.

Slim framed sliding glass doors, frameless effect curved glass and an opening window were installed onto the second floor of the property.

A set of two pane sliding glass doors were installed onto the main bedroom providing access to the internal living space and the terrace. The slim aluminium framing has been powder coated the same colour as the sliding glass doors on the ground floor for a continuous design.

Low iron glass balustrades were installed onto the terrace to provide a safety barrier for when the external living area is in use.

Using frameless low iron glass creates a clear barrier to allow light to pass through into the home as well as to give the homeowners incredible views with no framing obstruction.

Large panes of structural glazing were installed onto the main bedroom to provide incredible amounts of natural light ingress whilst providing stunning views of the beach when lying in bed.

The frameless glazing creates an almost all glass wall onto the bedroom. A wide opening casement window was integrated to one end of the structural glazing to provide ventilation into the living space.

curved single glazed screen was installed onto the study with an acoustic interlayer to reduce the sounds travelling between the spaces. IQ also installed a frameless effect curved single glazed shower screen into one of the bedrooms ensuite.

Reflective glazing was used to create the garage wall cladding on the side of the property. 

A side hung double glazed window and side hung door were installed onto the garage with a flush bonded outer, to reduce any protruding frame. 

Solar control coatings were used throughout the home including the garage to prevent heat gain.

The reflective glazing used enhances this and helps to improve the solar control.

To the rear of the home is a garden room where minimal windows sliding glass doors were installed to provide access to the areas.

To the side of the garden room is a bottom hung internally opening window for added ventilation in the summer. Solar control coatings were integrated into all south elevation glazing elements to reduce solar gain.

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