Basing Farm

Barn Conversion | Renovation Sliding Glass Doors

IQ Glass UK designed and installed these oversized glass sliding doors for a complete barn renovation. The biggest trends in modern architecture are glass doors and here IQ Glass have delivered a modern look, bringing them closer to the natural world.

These exclusive minimal windows sliding doors were installed in this converted Barn, sliding on the outside of the building, creating a fantastic light which shines through, brightening up the barn with colour. The sliding glass door is lightweight and simple to slide across the glazed openings with ease.


Peter Hulbert  

These massive sliding doors glass panes move effortlessly sliding onto the outer face of the building enabling the whole facade to open, taking advantage of the open space for the client.

The aluminium frames were powder coated with the same RAL colour to match the design of the barn making it look sophisticated and neat. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with the 2-panel system giving you the indoor-outdoor experience turning into a much bigger space.

This creates an illusion as it does look like your new space is opened to the outdoor world making it look great.

To top it off an invisible drain block is fitted allowing water to pass through. The glass is fully weather resistant bringing in use for all climate conditions and excludes noise coming from the outside. Also not to mention the glass is a brilliant insulator, saving energy and keeping you warm during the cold winter months.