Ansty Manor

Glazed Extension and Glass Link to Listed Manor Home

This charming Grade II* Listed manor house, known as Ansty Manor, sits just on the edge of Ansty village in Wiltshire and has its own private lake. Over the years, this historic 16th century home had various works carried out which has resulted in a bit of a disjointed home design.


BLA Architects worked hard to restore original features which had been lost and create a sense of continuity throughout the listed home. The renovation included the addition of a bespoke glass box extension that replaced an old, outdated orangery. IQ worked closely with the architects to design a bespoke glazing package for the listed building, ensuring minimally framed and frameless systems were utilised to enhance the design of the home whilst preserving the original character.

The interior of the home is lined with traditional style timber beams and the architecture of the glass and timber extension utilises global alignment by positioning the timber posts in line with the interlocks of the slim sliding doors. 

Glass and timber extensions are an excellent choice for homes that want to maintain their original charm but with the added benefit of high performance architectural glazing. 

minimal windows® slim sliding glass doors wrap around two elevations of the listed building extension, chosen for their minimal design and high glass to frame ratio. The minimal framing does not detract from the original architecture and the large glass panes allow a vast amount of natural light into the new living space.

The doors were configured with flexibility in mind, with the glazed corner sliding open and a bi-parting configuration on the long side of the glass box extension for direct access to the outdoor dining area.

The flush threshold detail of the slim sliding doors allows for a smooth transition between indoors and out. Even when the doors are closed the ultra-slim 21mm sightlines provide the interior space with a strong connection to nature and offers clear panoramic views of the breath-taking surroundings.


A large fixed, frameless rooflight was incorporated into the listed building extension design to aid in maximising natural light. The glass rooflight allows vertical light ingress and a frameless structural glass link connects the contemporary structure to the more traditional original building.

Throughout the build, fixed frameless glass elements were used to allow floods of natural light into the spaces and provide a greater variety of views. These elements included glass balustrades, fixed structural glass units, rooflights and walk on floors internally.

Where horizontal glass meets vertical glass in the structural glass link, only a neat silicone join is visible between the panes for a completely frameless design that maximises the natural light. The ‘up and over’ glazing allows clear views into the listed building, maintaining views of the original stone building to ensure the original charm can be seen from every angle.

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