Albion Road

Maximised Light Ingress with IQ’s External Sliding Doors System

This three track minimal windows sliding glass door was installed with two sliding panels and one fixed glazing unit.

The client required a new space for their contemporary kitchen and dining area that would have maximum light ingress throughout the day to keep the space bright and airy.

Installing our external sliding doors system allows as much natural light as possible into the space due to the slim framing combined with large glazed panels.



Tony Timmington and Tuc Kodal


Twickenham, London

Our minimal windows glass sliding doors system has a 21mm sightline, creating an almost invisible frame with the illusion of an open space at all times, even when the doors are closed.

The client chose a dark grey RAL coating to match with the dark exterior of the terraced house whilst creating a contrast internally with the white walls and red kitchen design.

Externally, these sliding glass doors were installed with a lacquered marine plywood cladding to match with the rest of the building. This cladding allows the slim framed contemporary doors to blend in well with the more traditional, older looking property.

Internally, the glass sliding doors are ideal for continuing the modern design inside.

Installing a set of slim framed sliding doors onto this terraced home allows the homeowner to open up the glass wall, providing easy access between the spaces and to maximise views of their garden.

By opening up the wall, an indoor-outdoor living experience is created allowing the client to increase the use of both spaces throughout the year.