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Inviso minimal rooflight

Minimalistic Design

The Invisio Thermally Broken Rooflight provides a frameless design both internally and externally for a minimalistic design aesthetic. They are greatly suited to contemporary properties and extensions where roofs tend to be flat as they offer a sophisticated finish.

To create a neat and frameless external finish, the external glass is back painted to hide all fixings and angles. The neatly back painted glass elements can be a choice of colours, however, black is often used for an understated finish.

Where a beautiful influx of natural light is desired the Invisio Thermally Broken Rooflight offers uninterrupted streams of light flow directly down into the living space below.

Modern thermal performance

The modern thermal break available with this system removes cold bridging that occurs in standard roof glazing. The full thermal break offers advanced thermal insulation achieving a UW value of 1.2 W/m2k.

The Invisio Thermally Broken Rooflight is designed to create an elegant glazing solution that allows rooms to be flooded with light as roof glazing provides a direct path for light to penetrate down into the property.

Thermally broken rooflights are a new roof glazing system, offering impressive glazing technology to enhance glazing within architectural design. There is a full, rolled polyamide thermal break in all sections to fully separate the internal and external elements of the system.

sieger thermally broken frameless rooflight


Sieger Thermally Broken Rooflight

Flush Design

The flush design of this thermally broken rooflight creates a beautifully elegant finish to properties while delivering outstanding levels of performance. Each rooflight is designed, manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of each project, this includes the glass specification and fixing detail, therefore IQ Glass can work with you to create the best solution and design for your project.

Flush finishes are ideal for areas of properties that have a flat roof, such as extensions, the flush finish offers a continuous flow of the external face of the property. There is the option to design this system with a stepped edge compared to a flush finish to suit the design of individual projects.

Outstanding Performance

The Invisio Thermally Broken Rooflight has been specifically designed to offer a high performing glazing system for a wide range of buildings. The thermal insulation value achieves a Uw value of 1.2 W/m3k, and a Ug value of 1.1 W/m2k.

To further enhance the performance of the system, a solar control glass coating can be applied to the glass to reduce the amount of radiant heat that passes through the glass into the internal living spaces.

Roof glazing is usually given an allowance for maintenance loading which allows for the weight of one person for cleaning and maintenance, however this rooflight has also been tested for maximum snow loading of 1.26 KN/m2; (for a flat rooflight) and 2.02 KN/m2 (for a 45° fall rooflight).

sieger thermally broken rooflight back painted

Aluminium Framing

Available in a range of designs and sizes, the Invisio thermally broken rooflight is suitable for a wide array of projects. The aluminium profiles are minimal, offering a modern external view and are available in large sizes for impressive sky views. Using the latest technology in thermal breaks and glass specification our rooflights offer impressive levels of thermal performance suitable for modern building projects.

The aluminium profile, with a full polyamide thermal break is 102mm long x 95mm tall which is designed to be hidden by the building finishes. The maximum size of the of the frame (dependant of the glass weight) can measure up to 1.5m x 3m.

This thermally broken rooflight can be manufactured into a range of shapes to create unique glazing designs for contemporary architecture.

Roof Glazing

IQ Glass always recommend a toughened and laminated glass pane for the internal face of overhead glazing, including structural glazing and rooflights.

The toughened and laminated pane ensures that if there was to be a break of the glass, the internal laminated pane would stop glass from falling below into the space below, and therefore reduce the risk of injury and damage.

For roof glazing IQ recommend that a maintenance load is allowed for, this provides an allowance for access over the glass roof for cleaning, access or other maintenance.

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