IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer's quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.


Structural Glass Walls

Walls of frameless glass can be created using structural glass units connected together with minimal structural silicone joints for continuous walls of glass with no frame.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Frameless Glass Walls

A structural glass wall is a continuous elevation of frameless structural glass units expertly connected and joined together using specialist silicone joints.

IQ Glass are the UK’s leaders in specialist architectural glass installations and well versed in the engineering and installation of these high specification glass elements.

A Structural glass wall creates a modern design aesthetic to any building or room. Large elevations of glass will bring in a flood of natural light and help connect internal space with the outside with no interrupting frames.  

If you want to maximise light exposure in any building a structural glass wall is ideal for any architectural design.

Minimal Windows Rusty House - Architectural Glass
Structural Glass Walls

Frameless Glass Facades

If you’re looking for a modern façade for your project, a structural glass wall may be the answer. A glass wall has many benefits including adding transparency, lightness and it also brings us closer to the outside world.

A structural glass wall can have a frameless finish, with a slim black silicone joint between each insulated glass panel, to create that minimalistic look.

Several elements may need to be considered including installation feasibility, access to the site, experienced installers, weather proofing and precise silicone application.

There are many design and specification aspects that need to be taken into consideration before a project. IQ Glass can assist with your design requirements to help meet your project demands.