Strip Rooflight

Longer, thinner strip roof lights, consist of multiple panels of structural glass with simple and minimal silicone joints


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Narrow Rooflight Designs

The Invisio strip rooflights are long runs of frameless structural glass connected and sealed together with simple silicone joints between the panes, creating long and frameless glass rooflight constructions.

These narrow rooflight designs are perfect for bringing concentrations of light into extensions or to use as a long rooflight over a hallway design.

Providing the rooflight is less than 1.3m wide, no additional structural steel sections or glass beams are required to support the structural glass rooflight.

Thin Structural Glass

Specialised performance coatings such as our Solar Control Coating can help reduce the amount of solar radiation from travelling through the rooflight to reduce solar gain.

The design to the strip rooflight can be altered depending on the specification. IQ Glass can assist with these frameless structural glass installations for loading requirements and detailing to suit all building materials.

All structural glass fixings are able to be hidden by the building finishes for a completely frameless structural glass design. 

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Maximum Sizes

In order to create a ‘strip’ rooflight with no internal steel or glass beams to support the silicone joints the span must be less than 1.3m.

The length of each glass unit can be up to 6m in length although this maximum length per glass unit will be greatly reduced if no crane lift is required for the glass installation.

As many structural glass units can be connected together as you require in order to create the long thin rooflight design required from the Invisio Strip Rooflight.

Glass Specification

We engineer each structural glass unit to each project specific requirements. Our rooflights will always be engineered with a toughened laminate inner pane for safety and security.

All of our rooflight designs are engineered to take a standard maintenance load for two men to stand on the roof for access, maintenance or cleaning. This also allows our structural glass roof designs to be classed as ‘non-fragile’.

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