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Frameless Windows

The aluminium framed windows have greater flexibility in terms of design. As well as their large available opening sizes the windows can slide open away from a corner, leaving no framing in its wake and they can also be designed to slide into a hidden pocket within the wall for a completely open window aperture.

Locking of these slim framed windows utilises the same small thrust lever handle as the slim framed sliding door system, creating a secure two point locking system security tested to WK2. For harder to reach windows electronic locking can also be used. The electronically locked windows can then be coupled with an electronic drive to allow for automatic ventilation on higher level windows.

Where the slimmest frames are required in opening windows the slim framed sliding window from IQ is the obvious option, providing large sliding windows with framing of only 21mm.

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Standard Details

The slim framed sliding glass windows from IQ Glass are manufactured from the same slim aluminium framing section as minimal windows slim framed sliding glass door. All framing details are therefore the same.

The vertical sightlines of the slim sliding windows is 21mm, the slimmest frame window system available.

Surrounding fixed framing is 38mm and can be hidden by the building finishes.


The slim framed sliding glass doors operate with an integrated two point locking system that is built within with the 21mm vertical profile of these sliding windows. The integrated two point locking system is operated by a small aluminium thrust lever handle, when the handle is turned 180 degrees the steel shot bolts integrated within the 21mm profile fit into the head and the base structure of the window opening to lock the window.


If partial opening for ventilation is required with your windows you can install these slim framed sliding windows with our Slot Aeration locking system.

Here you can lock the sliding windows into a slightly open position, either 20mm or 40mm open. This creates a ventilation opening the full height of the window without having to open the windows fully.

Integrated Glazing Bars

Our slim sliding window system be designed with an integrated glazing bar design. The aluminium glazing bars are applied to the surface on the glass both inside and out in the pattern of your choosing.

Within the gas cavity of the double-glazed unit we include a ‘dummy spacer bar’. This sits within the gas cavity with the glazing bars applied to the surface of the glass on either side. By doing this we create a much more authentic glazing bar design in keeping with more traditional building designs.

Due to the nature of integrated spacer bars and slim elements of aluminium we recommend a maximum glass size of 1300mm x 2440mm per glass unit with integrated glazing bars.

glazing bars on sliding windows

Commercial use

Slim Framed Windows

The slim framed sliding window system from IQ Glass is the perfect window solution for any scale of project where a very slim framed opening window is required. It could be especially useful in inner city buildings where opening windows are required but there is no option to open windows outwards.

With the 21mm sightlines between sliding windows you can create long, minimal ribbon windows around the external walls of office buildings bringing a consistent delivery of light into internal working spaces. These slim framed sliding glass windows can also be installed at higher levels and operated electrically if required.

For a residential development these high end windows certainly add a wow factor to each residential unit and can offer solutions to tricky window openings when working with a difficult plot.

The Old Treacle Factory

The Treacle Factory in Hammersmith was renovated to create modern working spaces and adding an additional third floor to the top of the building. IQ Glass provided our slim framed sliding glass windows along all external elevations of the new level creating a light filled working area with minimal framing.

A minimal glass elevation was required with the ability to open elements for natural ventilation when required. Here external aluminium louvres meant that windows could not be opened externally and internally opening windows would reduce internal working space so sliding windows were a perfect addition here.

You can find out more about IQ’s glazing on this project at our commercial project gallery.


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