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minimal windows slim framed sliding glass doors rear extension

Minimally Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Our range of exceptionally slim framed, high performing sliding glass door systems are designed to offer the largest structural openings with the most minimal design. the systems are manufactured to the highest specification, on a completely bespoke basis, offering unique designs and adaptable solutions to suit your project requirements.

Through modern architecture, windows have ceased to be simple, functional openings in a wall. Instead, they have become a complex yet key part of an architect’s proposal which can move up or down in the context of the house, extend as far as the ceiling and shape a space.

With minimalism at the core, slim framed sliding door systems are the epitome of a slim exterior opening system with sightlines from just 20mm. The advanced combination of insulated aluminium and high specification structural glass allow us to maximise glass surfaces, resulting in a design of transparency and immateriality which are key aspects of modern architecture.


Floor-to-Ceiling Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding actions are effortless with the expertly engineered steel sliding mechanisms, allowing the double glazed slim slider to be installed at weights of up to 1000kg per unit. With large moving glass units, the distinction between inside and outside is eliminated, creating a union of living spaces for a modern architectural house project. Flush thresholds further continue that illusion of connectivity. Floor finishes can flow seamlessly from inside to out, using the same floor finishes either side of the track for an invisible track effect.

In wet weather environments such as the UK, water tightness is extremely important. All drainage is integrated into the base system of the sliding door systems, with a range of solutions possible. The system is fully tested for weather resistance including wind and driving rain. 

All aluminium framing is finished to the highest specification in accordance with the Qualicoat directives. Any framing finish is possible. You can select any RAL colour from the RAL colour chart for PPC or choose from a range of specialist finishes. Some of the advanced systems also allow you to create these slim sliding doors in architectural metal finishes such as stainless steel or architectural bronze.

sliding glass doors floor to ceiling
6m tall sliding glass doors london home

Slim Glass Doors that Push Boundaries

Many of our systems are designed to be both versatile and flexible, offering a modular composition of openings including opening corners, pocket sliding doors and curved sliding doors.

Additional opening formats allow you to maintain a cohesive design through all glazing with vertical sliding sash windows, pivot openings and tilt and turn windows all part of the same slim framed system family.

The sliding door systems available from IQ are designed with an architect’s requirement for flexibility and collaboration in mind. By pushing the boundaries of glass technology huge glass elevations of 6m tall are easily possible with taller sliding doors possible on investigation.


double height sliding glass doors

Large Glass Sliding Doors

Our sliding door systems are some of the largest available systems on the market today, reaching impressive sizes of up to 6m tall in a sliding pane. 

Typically, you can easily achieve sliding door panes of 10.5m2 (for double glazing) and 18m2 for a triple glazed solution. Larger sizes than this are available on application, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Floor to ceiling glass walls can be created with the sliding systems, available in heights of up to 6000mm. Taller installations than this have been achieved and can be investigated for you on a project by project basis.

The sliding door range is made up of far more than simple products. It is a solution that can be tailored to your project requirements. Much larger, wider, taller and complex openings can be realised.

Threshold Details of Sliding Doors

The standard base detail for these systems is flush and frameless, resulting in a clear glass elevation spanning from floor to ceiling. Drainage is fully integrated into the base frame with additional drainage details suitable for high rainfall areas.

Taking the connectivity of spaces even further is the option to specify an invisible frame system. It allows complete emphasis of the minimalism of the system, by concealing the outer frame. This can be done solely at the base – for an invisible base track – or on all outer edges of a sliding door.

This solution creates a threshold-free and frame free transition between inside and out. The building finishes can be brought over the outer profiles which combines the environments of inside and out into one useable space.

Base systems are possible for drive on loads with the introduction of a durable stainless steel base track. This solution is perfectly suited for showcasing classic car collections and modern garage spaces.

flush threshold to sliding glass doors by pool
sliding glass doors to modern house

Engineered Performance

The beautiful aesthetics and minimalism of a sliding glass door system cannot function alone. It must be paired with precise engineering and enhanced performance to become an integral part of a modern building envelope today.

Using double glazing with a thermally broken frame allows high levels of thermal insulation. Uw values from just 1.165 W/m2K are achievable in a double glazed installation. The systems have also undergone extensive testing to ensure weather tightness, wind resistance, sound insulation and water tightness achieve the best possible values.

The triple-glazed sliding door systems have been tested to withstand hurricane conditions, with various certificates and performance values making them perfectly suited to environments subject to extreme weather conditions.

The slim sliding door is inherently flexible, with a combinable range of sliding solutions available. The standard sliding solution is available as a linear slider with unending possibilities of opening configurations. It can also be created as a pocket slider, an opening corner or a Juliet balcony. Curved sliders are also possible on a birail system. Additional functionality can be achieved through the exploration of the systems alternative configurations.

Large vertical sliding sash windows create the floor to ceiling openings in gravity-defying designs. Pivot openings and tilt and turn solutions are also possible from the same framing system, providing a full range of products mirroring the same minimalist ethos.

Glass Specification in Sliding Doors

Each slim framed sliding pane can hold a glass unit of between 32-38mm deep. This allows for most glass configurations in a double glazed unit. Triple glazing is also possible at smaller sizes.

Any number of additional glass coatings or options can be integrated into the slim sliding door system to offer optimal performance tailored to your project requirements.

Options such as solar control coatings are popular as well as low maintenance coatings for projects in marine environments.

More technical glass solutions such as heated glass can also be integrated into the sliding door system with a range of pre-designed details.

If you have a specific requirement for your glass specification speak to the team at IQ who can provide expert advice about what is possible and feasible.

large slim framed slliding glass dooors on water end house
malbrook road opening corner sliding doors

Opening Corner Sliding Doors

Slim framed sliding glass doors can be designed in configurations that open on the corner. When open there is no frame left in its place, leaving a fully open corner and connection to the outdoors.

These opening corner sliding doors can be designed with a 90 degree corner connection or any angle between 65 an 177 degrees. This allows you to create unique and varied designs using different shapes and angles.

Pocket Sliding Doors

These thin framed sliding glass doors can be designed to slide into hidden pockets within the walls. By creating a sliding pocket door design you can open up the entire aperture – something normally only possible with bifold doors.

We recommend a maximum of 4 tracks for pocket doors to minimise the size of the pocket you need to create whoever, you can have as many panes sliding into the pocket as you wish.

Pocket doors offer a beautiful combination of the slim sightlines of the sliding doors with the open nature of a bifold door system providing the best of both worlds.

sliding pocket doors to rear extension

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