Slim Aluminium Glass Facades

This specialist structural glazing system can be used to create modern and minimal glass facades with ultra-slim silicone bonding, offering uninterupted views.


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Structural Glass Facade

Our slim aluminium glass façade system is created using our Invisio thermally broken structural glazing systems. This system can include glass panes that reach impressive sizes and is ideal for any residential, commercial or luxury architectural design.

The ultra-minimal sightlines of the façade system create long elevations of glass dissected with neat structural silicone joints. This minimal design allows us to create entire walls of glass that allow in a vast amount of natural light.

Using thermal break technology the glass facades can achieve high levels of thermal performance and are able to hold either a double or triple glazed unit as required. 

Single Storey Glass Walls

The aluminium façade system can be designed up to nearly any height, with single-storey walls of glass being very popular for luxury residential projects. The facade systems can also be integrated with opening elements such as a slim sliding door. 

We always include toughened laminated glass to the inner pane of the insulated glass unit as standard for all-glass walls that are over 2.4m tall, unless otherwise requested.

The resulting system is the perfect option for those looking to create large elevations of fixed glazing with minimal framing.

Large Glass Facades

The advantage of using structural glass to create your glass facade is that there are no pre-prescribed maximum sizes. Panes of up to 20m long have been installed in projects designed and installed by IQ Glass.

This specialist facade system is perfectly suited for residential and architectural designs. This luxury system installation is the first of its kind in the UK, available for viewing at our showroom in Amersham. 


Glass Specification

The glass specification for each installation of these façade systems will need to be determined depending on the height of the glass elevation and the wind load of the project.

A typical glass specification would be 6mm toughened inner and outer with an argon gas filled cavity. Additional glass options such as solar control coatings, low iron glass or decorative glass finishes are easily integrated.

The maximum size of each glass unit is determined by the weight of the glass unit to a maximum of 250kg using basic transoms and 400kg using heavy duty transoms.

Frame Design

The slim aluminium glass façade is a non-ventilated façade system with minimal framing. The vertical sightline of the system is 35mm with a internal box section of various depth depending on wind load and glass weights.

Basic Transoms for glass units of 250kg or less can be 70-155mm deep. Heavy Duty Transoms for glass units of up to 400kg are 130-155mm deep.

This glass façade system has two thermal break options:

SI Thermal Break = Uf value 0.88 W/m2K with Passivhaus Certification

HI Thermal Break = Uf value 1.2 W/m2K


We have used this highly engineered glass façade system as the glass wall to one of our many meeting rooms in the Courtyard.

In prime position within the Courtyard Showroom the Slim Aluminium Glass Façade allows light to flood into this glass meeting space and provides fantastic views of our architectural glazing showroom.

If you would like to see this unique façade system in person please contact the team on 01494 722 880 or email to arrange your personal appointment with one of our glass consultants.

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