IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer's quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.


Slim Aluminium Glass Facades

This specialist curtain walling system can be used to create single storey glass facades with an ultra-minimal frame to rival that is structural glass.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Slim Curtain Walling

Our slim aluminium glass façade system is essentially a curtain walling system especially designed for residential or luxury architectural design.

The ultra-minimal frame of the façade system creates long elevations of glass dissected with aluminium frames of only 35mm wide. This slim framing section rivals the sightlines of frameless structural glass!

Using thermal break technology the glass facades can achieve high levels of thermal performance and are able to hold either a double or triple glazed unit as required. The Super Insulating thermal break with a triple glazed unit has been PassivHaus Certified.

Single Storey Glass Walls

The aluminium façade system has been designed for single storey walls of glass for ribbon windows or long runs of minimally framed glass, although these ‘storeys’ can be of significant height.

Each glass unit within the glass elevation can be up to 8m2 with a basic transom of 70-155mm deep. Even larger glass sizes of 13m2 are possible with the heavy duty transoms of 130-155mm deep.

The resulting system is the perfect option for those looking to create large elevations of fixed glazing with minimal framing.

FWS 35 PD at The Showroom

This specialist slim framed curtain walling system is perfectly suited for residential and architectural designs. This luxury system installation is the first of its kind in the UK, available for viewing at our showroom in Amersham. This new space is also available as a meeting room, fully walled with the thermally insulating glass wall system.

Slim Aluminium Glass Facades - Downloads