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The Slimmest Sightlines

The Sieger Lux Bifold Doors are exclusively available from IQ Glass and, is the next generation in aluminium bi-folding door systems. The thermally broken aluminium frame has a profile width of only 30mm, making it the slimmest bi-folding door system available on the market.

When created into a bifolding leaf the overall double section of framing that creates the vertical junction is less than 75mm, this is nearly half the size of a traditional aluminium bifold system!

Even with this drastic reduction in framing size, the Sieger Lux Bifold door still maintains its high thermal performance and insulation. Thanks to the full thermal break within the aluminium profiles (combined with a well insulating double glazed unit) the system can achieve typical Uw values better than 1.6 W/m2K. The aluminium bifold doors are also fully tested for weather protection including air permeability, wind resistance and resistance to driving rain, achieving a water tightness class of up to 9A.

More information about the market’s slimmest bifolding door can be found on Sieger’s own website:

Sieger Lux Bifold Door, the slimmest bifold on the market

Bifold Door Design

If you want to open up to 90% of your elevation, Aluminium bifolding or concertina doors offer a modern, high-quality option suitable for large openings and long elevations of sliding folding glass. The aluminium bifolding doors can be designed in a range of configurations including bi-parting and corner opening arrangements without a restriction on the number of bi-folding panes.

These sliding, folding glass doors are a popular option for modern living areas or spaces where the inside and out are to be merged. Slim square framing and a flush floor finish from inside to out are important factors in merging inside and out. To enhance the indoor-outdoor living design the Sieger Lux Aluminium Bifold Doors are manufactured with structurally bonded glass and internal glazing beads. This design provides ultra-slim, thermally broken aluminium profiles for minimal visual obstruction of the surrounding scenery.

Every junction and detail of these sliding folding doors are designed to maintain a modern, square edge finish to the frame and offer the slimmest frame junctions available for aluminium bifolding glass doors. IQ Glass will detail and design all fixing and connection details in full as part of our in-house design service.

The Sieger Lux Aluminium Bifold Door is the latest advancement in bifolding door systems, pushing the boundaries of modern architectural design and can provide the wow factor. The modern aluminium framing used in these sliding folding patio doors can be powder coated in any RAL colour to suit every building design. There is a range of ironmongery to choose from which is available to view at the Showroom.

Bifolding Doors at our Showroom

The stunning Sieger Lux Bifold Door is available to view in the IQ Glass Showroom. There is a 3-metre-tall, 3-track bifolding door installed within the showroom that showcases the exceptionally slim profiles. 

Come along and see for yourself. To book your appointment visit the Contact Us page. 

Steel Look Bifold Doors

For a more traditional bifold door design, bespoke glazing bars can be integrated into the design of the Sieger aluminium bifolding doors to recreate a traditional timber or steel framed door system but with a durable, low maintenance finish suitable for all project types and designs.

An aluminium bifolding door is the best way to create a steel look bifold for internal to external use. The thermally broken profiles of the aluminium bifold doors ensure a high level of thermal performance whilst the lightweight nature of aluminium means the doors are effortless to open.

To create a steel look design we incorporate a bespoke glazing bar design into each bifolding door panel (to your specification) which creates the industrial aesthetic of a steel door in a bifold. All the bifol doors from Sieger are available with glazing bars to create this industrial style aesthetic. 


worlds tallest bifold door sieger super lux

For the Tallest Bifold Door

The Sieger Super Lux is an advanced version of the Lux Bifold and is available in heights of up to 5m tall. This thermally broken aluminium door is the tallest bifold door system available on the market today.

The fully tested and certified system is based on the slim Lux Bifold but includes a stabilising wind post which allows the system to increase its maximum height from 3m to 5m.

All locking is integrated into the aluminium profiles and set at 1.1m from the ground level for easy access and opening.

With a maximum height of 5m, each pane can be up to 1.2m wide which allows you to achieve impressive elevations of glass that entirely fold and slide open.

The system is fully tested for weather protection and achieves a typical Uw value from 1.6 W/m2K depending on configuration and glass specification.

More information about the market’s tallest bi-folding door can be found on Sieger’s own website:


Alternatively, contact the team at IQ for specification and costing advice.

Options for Bifolding Doors

IQ offer a range of aluminium bifolding doors which includes various leading innovations in the market. The range includes the Sieger 120 Bifold, and Sieger Lux and Super Lux Bifolds. 

With each system performance and design are key. We believe in a unique balance of the two which enables architects to achieve their design wishes with their project performance specifications.

The framing used in these aluminium doors is fully thermally broken for an insulating glass wall that can open completely, bringing outdoor living spaces to form larger living spaces. These bi fold and patio door frames are suitable to hold either a double or triple glazed unit as required to achieve the thermal performance criteria you need on your project with a whole host of additional glass options available from low iron glass to solar control coatings.

We also offer a range of internal bifold doors


Contact the team at IQ for specification and costing advice.

ASK US ABOUT OUR Sieger® Lux Aluminium BiFold Doors


Commercial use

Commercial Bifold Doors

Aluminium Bifolds on Commercial Projects

Although bifolding doors are most commonly used for residential patio doors, these high performing systems can be expertly applied to larger commercial buildings.

Bifolding doors can be used to provide roof access, garden access or patio access. They are used very successfully to open the internal areas of cafes or leisure facilities to the outside with a simple slide of the panels.

For more information about how aluminium bifold doors can be integrated into your commercial building project visit our dedicated IQ Projects website the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com


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