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Minimalistic Design

The Sieger® balustrade system is suitable for installation in an array of buildings and locations including internally and externally; including landings, stairwells and balconies. Toughened laminated glass is used for the balustrade system with a minimalistic continuous handrail for a flowing design.

A maximum height of 1.1m is available with this system (provided this is in conjunction with regulation balustrade heights). For single-family dwellings, it is regulation (from building regulations approved document K 2013 edition) that the balustrade system has a maximum height of 900mm for stairs, landings, ramps and edges of internal floors. For external balconies, including Juliet balconies and edges of roofs, a maximum height of 1100mm is available. The width of this balustrade system depends on each project, speak to a member of the team for an accurate width measurement.

Between each panel of laminated glass is a layer of PVB laminate to create highly strengthened glazing, an aluminium handrail follows the path of the balustrades for additional strength and integrity.



Low Iron Glass

Glass balustrades are highly sought-after for use in internal living spaces as they allow light to continue to flow throughout the property. Traditional balustrades can cause an obstruction to both light and visibility at eye level, therefore architects are utilising glass balustrades more and more for interiors for this reason.

Low iron glass is recommended for glass balustrading as it eliminates the ‘greening’ effect in standard glass. Using low iron glass within the Sieger® balustrade system creates a beautifully clear aesthetic to allow the surrounding architecture and interior design to shine through.

There are various handrail finishes available with this balustrade including PPC (Polyester Powder Coated), specialist metallic finishes, anodised and timber effect finish. These finishes can also be used for the base design.



Sieger Balustrade Channel Fixing

Channel Fixing

The Sieger® balustrade system is a highly versatile system that can be fixed in place by using several methods. The balustrades can be fixed on top of a slab, fixed to the edge of a slab or offset fixed over a slab.

For over slab fixing, the balustrades sit on top of the surface and held in place with a 124.5mm high fixing that is bolted down below the balustrade for high levels of strength. This method of fixing allows for a drainage profile to be installed to help channel waterway that flows down the glass. This method of fixing enables a maximum line load of 3kN.

Offset over slab fixing is installed in a similar method, however, the fixing is bolted down into the slab below through a fixing on the inward facing side of the balustrade.

The balustrade can be fixed on the edge of the slab which allows water from the balcony to drain through the balustrade system. A drainage channel can be installed by using this method of fixing and a maximum line load of 3 kN is available.

Balustrades for Commercial Use

The Sieger® balustrade system is also suitable for commercial use such as factories and warehouses (with light traffic) and retail. Within these buildings the maximum height for the glass balustrades is 900mm for stairs and ramps, while 1100mm is the maximum height for landings and edges of floors, due to regulations.

The line load requirements for commercial buildings vary depending on the location. Office and work areas with light pedestrian use have a line load requirement of 0.36 kN/m (applied 1100mm above FFL), 0.5 kN/m2 UDL (applied to the entire glass face, below line load height), 0.25kN concentrated load (applied to any part of the glass panel below line load).

Line load requirements increase from 0.74kN/m for office and work spaces that are not susceptible to over-crowding, to 1.5kN/m for areas where people may congregate (including areas with fixed seating and tables in restaurants and bars and also areas susceptible to over-crowning such as pathways and retail areas). Cinemas, shopping centres, assembly areas and theatres all require a line load of 3.0 kN/m as these areas as susceptible to over-crowding.

Sieger Balustrade System

Hand Rail Design

A continuous handrail is used for the Sieger® balustrade system that runs along the top of the glass.

The maximum height of the balustrades is 1.1 metres high from finish floor level, depending on building requirements. To enhance the strength of the balustrade the handrail is designed to flow continuously from one end of the balustrading to the other.

The handrail can be finished in a plethora of finishes and colours, and the base can be designed with a matching style. The handrail can be PPC (Polyester Powder Coasted) in any RAL colour desired, finished in a specialist metallic finish, anodised or a timber effect finish can be applied.

This versatility ensures that the balustrades can be designed to offer an overall cohesive aesthetic.

Bespoke Design

Each Sieger® Aluminium System is manufactured and fabricated bespoke to each project specification. The state-of-the-art fabrication of these systems offers the latest technology in modern aluminium fabrication.

This balustrading system can be designed for an array of locations, both internally and externally of properties. The system can follow the perimeter of buildings and change direction where necessary for a flowing aesthetic.

Glass thickness and height will largely depend on the location of the balustrading, for information specific to your project speak to a member of the team today.

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