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Sectional Vertical Sliding Doors

Vertical Sliding Walls

 IQ Glass are able to create slim framed sliding glass walls to provide maximum space, views and light ingress into a space. Similarly to our other sliding glass doors, a very slim frame is available, creating a full wall of glass that is pushed up into the home without taking up any space.

The main benefit of these sliding glass doors is that the sections used perfectly follow the shape of your roof. When creating a fully glazed wall of sliding glass, the only way to open up the space entirely is to create a pocket sliding door. However, due to the up-and-over configuration, your new build or renovation will not require any cavities to be installed.

The unique design allows these glass walls to be installed onto properties with slanted ceilings or angled and curved walls. They are also trackless and have a hidden operator, creating a sleek frame and internal finish for a stunning sliding door solution.

Safety Features

Due to the design of the sectional vertical sliding doors, safety features are integrated for peace of mind. IQ Glass install anti-lift mechanisms that help to prevent forced entry into your property. This means your doors will automatically lock if they are forcefully lifted from outside.

If you are wanting to open the door manually from indoors, then a handle with a key lock can be installed. A safety feature we recommend integrating if you are going to be installing power-driven doors is an automatic safety cut-out to stop the doors from closing when an obstacle is detected.

The English weather may affect your decision to install sectional vertical sliding doors as you do not want cold air and rain entering your home whilst going between internal and external spaces. This has been taken into consideration and so the sectional sliding doors are designed to partially open for pedestrian access.

Vertical Sliding Doors

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Sectional Vertical Sliding Doors

Maximum Sizes

These sectional vertical sliding doors are available in different sizes, depending on the size of the aperture you are planning to open.

IQ’s vertical sliding glass doors are available in sizes of 2580mm high x 3270mm long. However, larger sizes are available with a maximum size of 2680mm high x 4270mm long for bigger apertures.

We recommend power-driven doors where large sizes are required for safety and ease.


These vertical sliding glass doors can achieve a thermal transmittance of up to U = 1.50 W/m2K.

These doors are also tested for resistance against attempts of forcing the lock with a class 2 certification according to EN 1627.

Sectional Vertical Sliding Door System
Vertical Sliding Glass Wall


Additional accessories can be integrated into your vertical sliding door design including a range of external handles, HSM modules for remote control access, a wired-radio stainless steel keypad for access and double glazed glass fixed windows with an aluminium frame.

Commercial use

Vertical Sliding Glass Door

Sectional Vertical Sliding Doors

Installing IQ’s sectional vertical sliding glass doors onto a commercial project can create a stunning exterior whilst providing the benefits of sliding glass doors.

By pulling back an entire wall of glass, you are able to completely open a space, perfect for restaurants or car showrooms. This style of door is ideal for restaurants as it allows the workers to open up a full wall of glass, maximising available seating space and providing ventilation to the area.

Even when closed these doors maximise the natural light ingress and provide stunning views of the surrounding area due to the slim framing available.

Vertical sliding glass doors are perfect for car showrooms as they allow a space for the cars to be driven into the showroom whilst keeping them on display even when the doors are shut. Due to the safety features, these doors provide safety and security to the building.


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