IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer's quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.


Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass can be used to create privacy through glazing and to create an anti-slip finish to the surface of walk on glass.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Translucent Glass

Sandblasted Glass can be used in numerous applications of architectural glass with great effect, either to be used for decoration, privacy or on walk on glass units as an anti-slip finish.

The process of sandblasting involves firing fine sand at the glass in order to create a translucent, cloudy appearance to the surface of the glass. IQ Glass can sandblast pieces of glass up to 6m x 3m (a jumbo sheet, the largest piece of glass available in the UK) in a variety of gradients, designs and patterns to suit each design requirement.

Almost any pattern or design can be imprinted into a glass face using the sandblasting method including intricate design patterns and gradients of translucency.

Anti-Slip Glass

The process of sandblasting, as well as creating a translucent, private glass surface, also creates a slightly rougher surface to a glass panel. It is therefore a perfect surface finish for walk on glass units to create a safer walk on glass surface.

Designs and patterns available from sandblasting for anti-slip resistance are again extremely broad. Either a full sandblasted effect or a dot matrix sandblasted pattern will achieve an anti-slip resistance to the walk on glass floor with varying levels of transparency through the glass.

IQ Glass have a large number of sandblasted samples available at the showroom, from full sandblasted effect to dot matrix patterns, in order for your to be able to decide what will work best for your project. 

Contact us to arrange a visit to the Courtyard showroom, the largest architectural glass showroom in the UK.