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Exceptional Thermal Insulation

Passivhaus doors are expertly engineered doors systems that that been tested to the exacting Passivhaus standards for thermal insulation and air tightness.

IQ Glass can offer a range of PassivHaus certified door systems and composite doors with high insulation values. These highly insulating doors are the perfect option for Eco Home designs or zero carbon projects where high levels of insulation are required.

With Uw values of 0.67 W/m2K and triple glazing as standard you can achieve extremely high levels of thermal performance from our Passivhaus door range even if Passivhaus certification is not being sought for the project.

Inward Opening Doors

To achieve such high thermal performance values Passivhaus doors are designed as composite door systems, with a timber framing profile clad with aluminium externally.

The timber frame, available in a range of wood finishes and types, creates the high levels of insulation required whilst the external aluminium frame face protects the timber framing, creating a low maintenance finish.

To ensure the high levels of air tightness required for Passivhaus building design these composite doors are designed to be inward opening. This opening type has the added benefit of allowing you to completely hide the external frame by the external building finishes.

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Frame Design and Finish

Our Passivhaus door system is available in a variety of timber internal frames: Pine, Spruce, Oak, Meranti and Larch. Each of these timber finishes are available in a number of finishes, both natural timber finishes and painted frames available in a range of RAL colours.

The internal cill detail of the timber frame has a number of options to choose from to suit the internal design of your room.

A shaped internal cill has subtle shaping for a soft internal finish, the square cill creates s sharp modern finish, a shaped cill is rectangular with a slight slope away from the window, the flush cill creates a flat finish from the vent to the fixed frame.

Frame Sizes

The head and side profiles are 126mm wide over the vent and fixed frame. These door systems are designed with a stepped and rebated frame to facilitate high levels of air tightness. This means that the vent and fixed frame profile sizes differ from the internal to external view.

Internally you will see a fixed timber frame of 40mm and a venting frame of 86mm. Externally the fixed frame is 91mm wide with the venting frame profile 35mm.

The fixed timber frame can be hidden internally be the building finishes and externally the entire external vent and frame can be hidden.

Configurations and Matching Window

The Passivhaus door is available in a range of inward opening door designs:

  • Side Hung Door
  • Tilt and Turn Door
  • Juliette Balcony Door
  • French Door with Flying Mullion

Our Passivhaus doors are also available in a matching window design for a full Passivhaus certified window and door package.


This composite door design has been Passivhaus certified as phB by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. The thermal performance of each door installation is required to be calculated to order but Uw values start at around 0.62 W/m2K.

  • Air Permeability Class 4
  • Water Resistance Class 9A
  • Resistance to Wind Load Class C5
  • Sound Insulation up to 45 dB
  • Security RC2


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