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ultra tall opening glass door

Full Height Windows

The ah!38 pivot opening from panoramah!® creates a beautifully simple window opening with minimal detailing, clean lines and smooth action movement.

Function of the pivot opening is smooth and effortless. As with all panoramah! solutions, bigger is better and the pivot opening can be detailed with extremely large glass sizes. With the use of oversized glass large glass surfaces can simply twist and rotate, creating tall or wide openings within the building façade.

The pivots can be expertly integrated within an elevation of panoramah! ah!38 sliding doors.

Pivot points can be positioned centrally or to the side of the opening for a side rotation axis.

Various safety components are available with hold opening and controlled closing mechanisms available as options.

Double Height Glass Doors

The aluminium profiles of the ah!38 pivot are the slimmest possible with a full thermal break within the frames. Surrounding sightlines of 23mm when fully finished offer a clean and minimal design, uncluttered by additional framing or componentry.

With aluminium framing any RAL colour is possible. The vertical profiles of the pivot act as the ‘handle’ which minimises unnecessary intrusions within the frame or glass face. Minimalist design and detailing is inherent.

The combination of panoramah! pivot openings and sliding openings in the same elevation facilitate the replacement your traditional wall with lightweight glass structures that draw light into spaces, increasing the perceived volume of an internal environment.

Tall pivot doors elongate narrow walkways. With the use of the oversized glass technology these opening pivots can be installed at sizes over 7m. Double height glass doors offer an impressive sight.


large glass pivot door at hotel

Details for Pivot Openings

The ah!38 pivot opening uses the same framing profiles as the ah!38 sliding door.
The system is based on a birail track configuration which offers improved levels of weather sealing over alternative solutions.  

All thresholds are flush with the internal and external floor finishes and drainage is integrated into the base frame for improved water resistance and water ingress protection.

The range from panoramah! is not simply a selection of products, but instead a full glazing solution, able to be customised and detailed to your specific project requirements. The most successful projects operate on an ethos of collaboration between us and the architect, striving to achieve the exacting requirements of even the most challenging of project.

Full technical CAD details are available on request. Simply get in touch with the team at IQ for further specification information.

The Tilt and Turn Window

From the same family comes the minimal tilt and turn window solution.

Operating on hidden and concealed stainless-steel mechanisms, the opening window offers a higher level of weather sealing than a traditional pivot opening.  

Tilt and turn windows can be opened in two positions: a tilting position, wherein the opening is performed on the upper part and swinging that consists of a side opening.

It allows for good acoustic and thermal insulation performance, while guaranteeing a good level of safety.

The minimal framing offers a sightline of just 48mm across the fixed frame and opening window vent, making it one of the most minimal tilt and turn window openings possible.  

Oversized window sizes are very possible, and each approached on a project by project basis. Get in touch with the team with your project requirements for investigation.

large glass walls at hotel

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