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Frameless Glass Balustrade

Structural glazing has been engineered to create a modern alternative to a traditional balustrade system, utilising a glass capping to allow light and views to travel through with ease whilst providing protection.

Due to the flexible nature of structural glazing, these frameless glass balustrades can be specified on a large scale, up to 20m in width, offering architects and specifiers the solution to maintain a fully glazed design whilst protecting the system against weathering.

The contemporary glass balustrade can be used as safety barriers on balcony areas, on mezzanine levels or integrated within sliding door systems to create a minimal Juliet balcony.

A pane of glass runs along the top of the balustrade, creating a completely smooth surface that eliminates any possibility of an uneven surface. Previously, even when two panes of glass are perfectly lined up and laminated together, having a frameless design means the top has a visible ridge.

Having this glass capping on the top of the glass balustrade prevents water damage to the interlayer and stops dirt or debris from building up, maintaining a clean and crisp glass finish.

Frameless Glass Beams and Fins

Opti Edge can also be specified with glass fins and beams. the glass capping provides the same benefits here as with a frameless glass balustrade, protecting the interlayer and preventing dirt and debris from building up, resulting in a durable glazing system without compromising on the minimal design. 

Glass beams and fins are often used to support large structural glazing elevations, where the frameless design is paramount to the overall project. Opti edge ensures that the interlayers are protected whilst still allowing light to pass through without obstruction. 

This new system also gives the beams and fins a straight edge, clean, crisp finish, enhancing the design as well as the durability. 

At the Showroom

In order to appreciate the minimalistic design of this protective glass capping, and how it can be a functional element without interfering with the completely frameless design of the glass balustrade, it should be seen in person. 

Opti Edge can be seen in the newly renovated IQ Glass showroom, located just outside of London and easily accessible by public transport. 

This modern glazing solution provides a protective barrier around the new mezzanine floor levels without disrupting the flow of light to the upper floor or the view down into other areas of the showroom. 

An additional benefit of coming to see IQ's innovative glazing solutions in person is having a technical sales advisor on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have whilst seeing how the systems operate and function in real life situations. 

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Laminated Glass Top

The capping is 12mm thick and can be used on balustrades, beams and fins between 20mm and 40mm. 


Typical Specification:

Laminate thickness of up to 20mm for lengths up to 5m.

Laminate thickness of up to 40mm for lengths up to 8m.

Laminate thickness of up to 40mm for lengths up to 20m.


IQ's balustrades have been extensively tested to withstand high levels of wind as well as line load requirements. All fixing options available to specify are extremely minimal and the available options will depend on many factors including glass specification, location of the glazing and project type.

Fixings and Drainage

Various fixing methods can be used with the Opti Edge balustrade, including over slab fixing, lab edge fixing and offset over slab fixing, depending on the desired look and the building structure.

this is an extremely flexible glazing solution that enhances any project, for more information on how you can incorporate Opti edge into your next project, contact the team today.