IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer's quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.



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Modern Steel Window

Mondrian Windows merge the beautiful designs of traditional steel windows with modern performance requirements. Our steel windows are all fully thermally broken to provide you with unparalleled insulation from a steel frame.

Our standard Mondrian Window has a steel frame 47mm wide for an extremely slim and clean window design. These slim framed steel windows can be engineered into inward or outward opening windows up to 1m wide and 2.7m high. Our steel fabrication factory can engineer steel windows larger than this on request, please get in touch for more information.

Bespoke Design Engineering

IQ fabricate our steel windows in house at our specialist steel fabrication factory in order to achieve the highest levels of design and performance from these integral elements of architectural design.

As such these highly specialised architectural industrial heritage steel windows can not only be manufactured from the traditional galvanised steel, but also Corten Steel, Patinated Bronze or Stainless Steel for a truly unique appearance to your steel windows.

A matching door system, Mondrian External Doors, is also available for a steel cohesive window and door design.


Mondrian Windows

Two configurations of Mondrian windows are on display at our showroom in Amersham, integrated into the Secco box. These windows are made with Corten Steel to match with the Belgium doors and are configured as a pivot and side hung window. Book a showroom visit to view our Mondrian windows in person.



Mondrian Steel - Window Design

Frame Sizes

The steel frames of the Mondrian Window can be engineered to suit the building structure and limitations for installation. The typical frame section will have a 47mm side profile and a 62mm profile on the hinge connection face. The orientation of the 47mm frame (inward or outward facing) will depend on whether the door is inward or outward opening.

Head and base frames are 47mm and a central connection frame for double opening windows is 62mm.


Opening Configurations

Mondrian Windows can be specified as inward or outward opening as well as top/bottom hung, side hung or pivoting.

Arched heads to the steel frames are possible as well as side lights and overhead lights to fill larger window openings.

Side Hung and Pivoting windows would typically have a maximum size of 1m wide x 2.7m per opening leaf with top hung windows 0.8m wide x 1.3m high. Bottom Hung Windows can hold a 40kg glass panel and a maximum size of 1.3m wide x 0.8m high.



steel windows performance


A key design feature of our Mondrian Windows is the full thermal break. The downfall of most traditional steel windows is their lack of thermal break which causes cold bridging across the frame.

With its integral two part thermal break and a double glazed unit a typical Mondrian Window could achieve a Uw of 1.6 W/m2K.

The windows are also fully tested for wind, water and draft resistance as well as acoustic insulation and burglar resistance with exceptional results in all. Download the product information sheet for a full list of tests and classes.



Steel Window Design

Mullion and Transom bar designs for Mondrian Windows are optional and bespoke. If you would like a transom and mullion design incorporated into your Mondrian Window please indicate this to us before order for us to incorporate this bespoke design element successfully.

Mondrian Windows are available in Galvanised Steel powder coated any RAL colour, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel or Patinated Bronze. Any mullions and transoms integrated into your steel window design will be engineered in the same material as your frames.



Commercial use


Steel Windows for Commercial Projects

Our bespoke steel windows can be use on larger commercial or multi-unit residential projects for a modern, neat architectural glazing design.

Thanks to the improved thermal performances available from modern steel windows their use is increasing across all sectors of architectural design.

As well as the very minimal Mondrian Steel Window design IQ also  engineer a wide range of steel window systems that can be manufactured at larger sizes or even carry a triple glazed unit.

Or steel fabrication factory is perfectly positioned to provide full steel window glazing packages for architectural projects where the details matter.  



Featured Project

This multi-unit residential development by renowned architects David Chipperfield utilised the architectural prowess of steel framed windows throughout the development.

Patinated Bronze windows, doors and sliding window units provided the architectural design with class and an air of luxury. Attention to detail was paramount through the design with the clean corners and folds of steel windows being preferred by the designers.

The result is a luxury residential development with plots within the complex attracting residents with an appreciation for the beauty of the building.




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