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Mondrian Glazing

Internal Steel Framed Doors


The Mondrian® Internal system is a most exclusive internal glass door system, providing internal spaces with a luxury divider between spaces and rooms. The elegant steel profiles create a range of internal glass doors and screens all with a modern art deco design and appearance, perfect for high end and luxury developments.

Slim steel framing sections, designed in a traditional industrial style, can be combined together to create large expanses of glass screens with integral steel doors. This internal glazing system is perfectly suited for use as internal partitioning with a modern industrial or loft style interior design scheme.

Horizontal and vertical steel transom bars are integrated into the internal glass screen and door construction as required to create that cross-hatched art deco appearance. Multiple screens can be fixed together for large spans of internal glass with doors integrating within these expanses with a minimal steel overall connection frame.

Far from your typical internal glazing solution, the Mondrian® Internal range offers only the highest levels of interior design and is suited for luxury residential and commercial design.

Our architectural metal works factory handcrafts each Internal Mondrian® installation and the elegant metal profiles are expertly hand welded for an artisan design solution, perfectly tailored to each individual project.

For that industrial look, individual glazing bars and horizontal transoms can be custom integrated within the door or screen design to ensure that you get the design that you require.

Internal Steel Partitions

Unlike other industrial style internal door systems, all the framing sections of the Mondrian® Internal systems are manufactured from high-quality architectural metal and is available in a range of designs, not just powder coated steel.

The Mondrian® Internal glass doors and screens are available in a range of architectural metals with specialist finishes including Architectural Bronze (that can be patinated, brushed or polished) and Chemically Blackened Steel.

As well as fixed internal glass screens the Mondrian® Internal Range includes a variety of opening glass doors with a slim steel frame. The internal doors within the Mondrian® Internal glazed system can either be hinged, sliding, bifolding or pivoted depending on your preference. The opening doors have an extremely slim steel frame surrounding them. The resulting internal doors can either be used within a Mondrian® Internal glass screen or on their own within a structural wall opening.

All ironmongery and hinges have been expertly chosen to ensure a cohesive industrial steel door design, in keeping with the exacting standards that our clients have. As the transoms and mullion designs within these internal glass doors are optional and bespoke it opens the door to a huge range of internal door designs, all with luxury design and artisan style at their heart.

This luxury internal door system is the pinnacle of interior designer glazing and only available from IQ Glass. The system is available to view at our architectural glazing showroom in Amersham so please do contact us to arrange your consultation with one of our glass technicians.

Mondrian® Internal @ The Showroom

The IQ Glass showroom in Amersham is the UK’s most comprehensive architectural glazing showroom. Here we have a unique selection of architectural glazing on show, including the exclusive Mondrian® Internal range.

Shown at our showroom in a range of openings, designs, materials and configurations. The IQ Glass showroom is the only location you should visit when selecting any glazing for your project.

Make an appointment to meet with one of our expert glazing consultants who are happy to meet with you and discussed all the options available for your internal steel doors or partitions.

Contact IQ Glass today for more information.


The Mondrian® Glazing Website

 For further information about the Mondrian® Internal Range please visit our dedicated website:


Here you will find all the framing and glazing options available from our Mondrian® Range, including the internal door and screen solutions. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at IQ who will be happy to offer help and advice.


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Commercial use

mondrian internal to an office

Steel Internal Doors

Internal glass & steel doors and partitions are perfect for sectioning open plan office spaces, creating closed off meeting rooms, walling walkways and generating internal spaces with an industrial design.

With old factories, warehouses and industrial buildings being converted into office buildings and restaurants our steel framed doors and screens are the perfect accompaniment to this industrial interior design.

If thermally efficient doors are not required to the external envelope of the building these steel doors can also be used here.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com


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