Mondrian Fire Rated Doors

IQ Glass offers a wide range of steel fire rated doors to suit a wide range of product and project requirements.

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Steel Fire Rated Doors

A fire rated door is a door system that is certified to provide fire protection for a certain amount of time. Using fire-rated steel frames, coupled with specialist fire rated glass, we can create steel doors with fire ratings of EI30, EI60 or EI90 as required.

Fire Rated Doors are a common requirement on larger buildings designed to be occupied by many people. The use of fire-rated doors allows essential fire exit routes to be protected from fire in the event of an emergency. Steel framing of fire-rated glass doors is extremely robust meaning that they are perfect doors for areas of high traffic where the doors will be opened and closed multiple times a day.

As well as achieving high levels of integrity and insulation for fire-rated doors our steel framed fire rated systems also have additional performance standards including emergency exit classification, smoke protection classification and burglar resistance.

Mondrian® steel fire rated doors can be designed with a thermally broken frame for external use or non-thermally broken for internal fire-rated doors. External fire rated doors are designed to provide protection for escape routes along the side of a building and to stop fires spreading to neighbouring buildings.

Fire Doors with Slim Frames

Fire-rated steel frames have a significantly larger frame than non-fire rated systems can achieve but we look to achieve the most minimal frame finish possible. The Mondrian® steel framed doors with fire ratings of EI30-EI90 have sightlines from 132.5mm.

Mondrian® steel framed fire rated doors can be created in a range of opening configurations for use on different door openings including single doors, double doors or fire doors within a larger fire rated glass façade of frameless fire rated glass of steel-framed.

These steel framed fire-rated doors are manufactured from thermally broken steel frames in either mild steel or stainless steel for a different aesthetic effect, but the same high performance for fire protection. The steel-framed doors can be finished in raw steel, galvanised steel or PPC in a choice of RAL colours.

The steel framing of these fire-rated doors provide buildings with elegant door structures with low maintenance and a long-life expectancy. With fire ratings up to 90 minutes integrity and insulation as standard, our steel fire-rated doors are perfect for larger commercial buildings, hotels and schools.