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Low Maintenance Coatings

Low Maintenance Glass can greatly reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to exposed glass faces. This glass coating is especially useful on hard to reach glazing or glass in a harsher environment such as a marine environment.

The invisible coating does not affect the appearance, light transmission or reflectivity of the glass panel making it perfect for large glass installations and structural glass roofs.

The low maintenance coating is applied to the external face of the glass, also known as face 1, filling in all microscopic pores and divots in the glass surface. This creates an extremely smooth external glass surface, where the coating provides a surface that is durable and smooth allowing for easy cleaning.

‘Self-Cleaning’ Glass

Low Maintenance Glass is sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘self-cleaning glass’ which is misleading, the low maintenance glass will still need sporadic cleaning but the regularity of cleaning required will be greatly reduced and the glass units are also much easier to clean, reducing cleaning times.

If you are designing a project in a marine environment IQ Glass would strongly recommend considering the use of low maintenance glass as the additional chemicals in the air can leave deposits on the glass. The same can apply to internal pools as the extra chemicals in the internal atmosphere can stain the glass face.

For a low maintenance coating to be beneficial when including into glass roof structures we recommend a minimum glass roof pitch of 25 degrees.

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