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Frameless Box Windows

Frameless Box Windows

Windows boxes have long been used in residential architecture to provide bright, light filled places for occupants to sit and relax.

IQ Glass are experts in creating these modern structural glass windows, known as Oriel Windows, creating a frameless pop out glass box. These protruding windows can be used as either a large and multi-dimensional surface for light ingress or as a bright and comfortable place to sit.

By using our expertise in frameless structural glazing and our knowledge of high specification structural glass design IQ can design these glass window seats to be almost frameless. Where the panels of glass meet on a corner no framings are needed, instead the structural glass units can be connected together using structural silicone creating a slim weather proof seal with a neat internal and external appearance.

We can design these structural glass windows to your specification and they can be made to a large range of projections. Whether you just want a small window seat or a large impressive projecting glass structure; IQ Glass can design a window to suit. 

Modern Window Seats

With the use of strengthening interlayers within the vertical glass components no supporting steel work is required in these window boxes; instead the vertical and horizontal glass panels can be sealed together with structural silicone with the roof load being taken by the glass itself.

Solid structural elements, such as a solid base or side, can be introduced into the window box design to suit each individual installation and use. Opening elements can be integrated into the structural glass box for ventilation purposes but this will require additional framing and perhaps steel supports.

Using black painted glass spandrel panels IQ Glass can also design the glass to step over any external solid structure for a sleek, fully glazed external design to the Oriel Windows.

We can also design these frameless 3D windows at various angles and sizes to create a modern version of bay window. These frameless bay windows are used on modern design projects where the bay window shape is required.

Modern Window Seats

At the Showroom

We have a large structural glass Oriel Window on show at the IQ showroom in Amersham.

The large glass window seat is constructed on a cantilevered steel base. The external glass panes of the Oriel Window are stepped over this base structure for a sleek, all glass design.

Internally the ‘seat’ structure is also finished in back painted glass.

The vertical panes of glass include strengthening interlayers which allow then to support the roof unit of glass with no integrated steels required. The end result is extremely minimal with only glass to glass connections at each corner.

Contact us to arrange your visit to the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham to see this impressive structural glass window for yourself.


frameless oriel window

Technical Details

As each Oriel Window is a complex structure made from Structural Glass panels and associated fixings there are no standard design details available.

IQ Glass will design each Frameless Box Window to suit each project in accordance with the desired appearance, size and building structure. All Oriel Windows will be designed to be frameless, without an steel supporting structural framing, wherever possible.

The fixing details between the frameless box window and the building structure will also be designed to suit the project specific requirements. These fixing elements can be hidden on most projects beneath the building finishes, both inside and outside.


Size and Glass Specification

The glass specification for each Frameless Box Window will be designed and calculated by IQ Glass in accordance with the performance requirements of the project and the size of the architectural glass installation.

In most cases toughened laminated glass will be specified for the vertical elements of glazing to create a stronger surrounding glass structure that required no integral steel supporting goal post structure.

As an Oriel Window is a structural glass construction and there are no framing elements various laminates and glass interlayers can be used within the construction easily.

frameless 3d window on modern house

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Commercial use

oriel windows to the odney club

Frameless Box Windows

Many luxury leisure facilities utilise window seats to provide visitors and customers with inviting and bright seating areas. Cafes, libraries, shops and hotels all have a need to encourage visitors to spend more time within the building, by introducing these contemporary windows into building designs you can create inviting spaces to sit, relax and enjoy the space for a longer time.

Solid base elements to the projecting windows allow these areas to be used as seating areas, with cushions, benches and back rests able to be integrated into the Oriel Window structure.

These projecting windows also bring in a massive amount of natural light, capturing the natural light from many angles throughout the day.

Visit our dedicated commercial glazing website below for more applications of Oriel Windows in commercial environments. 

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com



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