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internal glass door with timber frame

Italian Designed Internal Doors

The internal casement door offers you the perfect amalgamation of high end Italian design with precision engineering.

Created with a slender aluminium frame the internal door is characterised by the use of two panes of glass on either side of an aluminium profile. This ‘sandwiched’ glass door design minimises the visible frame, offering an elegant design to your internal glazing.

In addition to exceptional appearance and performance the internal casement door also offers unparalleled options for design. You can select a different glass finish for either side of the door to complement the schemes in different areas of a building. 

Unparalleled Design Options

For a more personalised design you can incorporate glazing bars into the design. The glazing bars can be constructed in the same finish as the frame for a coerent design, or choose a contrasting colour for a unique design. 

The minimal aluminium frame can also be finished in a range of options with a selection of handle choices and locking options. All of these design options offers you an internal glass door with exceptional levels of design flexibility. Used on some of the most elegant interiors schemes in the world the hinged internal door is in a class of its own.

mirrored glass door


Glass Specification

The internal glass door is British manufactured, made of 2 layers of toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of an aluminium frame. The resulting glass door design has a reassuring depth to it with a slim slither of aluminium profile on show.

Available for use within the hinged doors: Coloured Interlayers, Sandblasted Patterns, Decorative Glass. 

Internal Door Configurations

Maximum sizes change depending on the type of door you select and the glass option you choose. The hinged doors can reach impressive sizes as well as bespoke shapes, with double height installations well wihin reach. 

internal glass door with timber details

Handles and Locking

Each handle option available has been carefully curated to ensure a cohesive aesthetic as well as ergonomic operation.

These handle designs range from simple satin stainless steel lever handles to designer handle options with specially designed inlays into the handle face.

Credits: All images are ADL systems

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