Frameless Interior System

Internal Frameless Doors

IQ Glass Large Frameless Pivoting doors is a versatile product that can be installed in several shapes and sizes using an IQ Glass door with minimal stainless steel path fittings. This product is suitable for all internal and uninsulated applications.


Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Frameless Pivot Doors



Large frameless pivoting doors are suitable for all internal or uninsulated applications. Using minimal stainless steel patch fittings to the head and base of a clear glass door IQ Glass can design and install an 180 degree opening door to numerous shapes and sizes.


Each glass pivoting door is uniquely designed and engineered for each project with handles and ironmongery able to be specified to the designer’s wishes. Handles from stainless steel, wood or even shaped glass can create a unique and feature door.


IQ Glass. Frameless Interior System
IQ Glass.Frameless Interior System





These interiors glass doors can be built within a frameless glass partition for a sleek, fully glazed interior wall. IQ’s Frameless Interior System has also been used to great success on a number of conservation and listed buildings. Specifying specialist glass such as low iron and anti-reflective glazing within these frameless glass constructions beautifully creates a minimal glass door or wall which does not affect the original design of a traditional or listed building.