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Automatic Sliding Doors

Architects and designers are always looking for new ways to achieve higher levels of sophistication for home design. IQ Glass now offer the latest innovation in automatic sliding doors. inMotion Sliding Doors run on almost silent magnetic drives, making these doors the next evolution of automation.

As well as advanced automation technology the inMotion sliding door is also the next step in glass design. Each automated sliding glass panel can be laminated with almost any decorative interlayer you require.

From sophisticated metal meshes, bright printed interlayers to funky materials. These internal sliding doors can then become a key part of your internal design.

inMotion Sliding Doors can be designed as a single slider, a pocket slider or a set of bi parting sliding doors.

If you prefer the inMotion sliding system is able to carry solid timber or aluminium doors.

Take Control

Powered by a magnetic drive the moving drive is almost silent and fully customisable. View our video here of the grass laminated inMotion sliding door to the showroom in Amersham to see for yourself. The motors are hidden within an aluminium housing which is available to be powder coated in any RAL colour as well as anodised silver and a stainless steel effect.

You are able to choose from a variety of controls for how you would prefer to open and close the doors. All inMotion Sliding Doors are operated by Microcontroller (MCU) with wireless communication via Bluetooth to the access controls for a broad range of choice when it comes to control and access.

Adjustable settings are available for changing the direction of opening, choosing between low energy and normal modes as well as opening speeds, closing force and hold opening times. Reopening sensitivity is useful if you were to have an infrared sensor as it will reduce any unwanted openings.


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Maximum Sizes

There are multiple sizes to choose from, however there are some limitations. The minimum clear opening for this product is 600mm with a maximum drive length of 1250mm. The maximum clear opening is 1400mm with a maximum drive length of 2850mm.

The thickness of the glass used in this style of door is 8-12mm thick. The maximum weight of each glass panel is 80kg.



There are a variety of controls to choose from depending on how you would prefer to open and close your sliding doors. These options are remote control access, touchless IR switch, push button, infrared sensor and an automatic lock.

There is also a choice of adjustable parameters including push and go, right or left opening direction, low energy or normal mode, opening speed, closing force, reopening sensitivity and the hold open time.




Powered by an Electric three phase AC motor type Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets (LSMPM), the motors move along the drive unit by attraction and repulsion of the magnets. The visible motors are available to be powder coated in any RAL colour as well as anodised silver and a stainless steel effect.

The cover for the motor is made from aluminium and is 60mm high and 65mm deep.

The power supply for these sliding doors is 230 AC 50-60Hz (110V on demand) and the power consumption is 80W in operation, 5W on stand-by and 150W at peak (0.2 seconds).


Commercial use

Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors

The inMotion Sliding Doors can also be used in various commercial projects due to the versatility of the product. By using this product businesses, spas, hospitals, hotels and so on can allow easy access to various spaces.

Different controls can be used in all of these examples, for a business meeting room it may be easier to have remote control access so that whoever is running the meeting can allow access to the meeting members. An infrared sensor would be more effective in a hospital as it can improve the sanitation for patients, visitors and workers.


Featured Project

The inMotion Sliding Doors are the chosen style of door for many offices. Using frameless sliding doors and windows in this office allows natural light to flood the office as well as allowing workers to see who is in each office. By adding these they are creating a more up to date, modern feel and look.

In France, Grenoble Nursing Home inMotion Sliding Doors have been installed to allow easier access to the bathrooms. This style of door is a pocket slider, meaning that the door becomes hidden inside the wall. By using a push button, the members of the nursing home have privacy when using the facilities but are also able to open the doors without struggle.

A hospital in Oslo, Norway use remote controlled access sliding doors on their offices. This is very useful for when they are having a consultation as they can easily allow each person in when they are ready for them.



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