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HIRT Swiss Descending Windows

Sink an entire wall of glass into the floor with a HIRT Swiss Descending Window from IQ Glass. This amazing glass product offers the ultimate ‘wow’ factor for any type of building from residential to public.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Sinking Windows

The HIRT Swiss Descending Window is part of the next generation of architectural glazing. This impressive glass product allows you to create massive walls of glass that sink and disappear below the floor.

Almost silent motors lower large elevations of glass (or your preferred material) into the floor which is then housed in a specialist ‘parking room’ below the floor.

The resulting threshold is completely flat, making that transition from inside to outside fluid and seamless. Each installation can be designed with a bespoke threshold finish in a material of your choice including timber, stone and metal.

This product marries the best aesthetics of modern architectural glazing, creating fully open apertures when open but minimal clear glass faces when closed.

sinking glass walls to a house
sinking glass wall to balcony

Disappearing Walls

If you are looking for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor from your glazing then the HIRT Descending Window is the best choice. The walls of disappearing glass are like something from a movie.

It is not just straight windows of glass that can be automated. Corners and curved glass facades can be automated to allow entire walls to sink below the ground.

There are two HIRT systems to choose from; the SF90 which offers sinking glass walls of up to 18m2 per unit or the even larger SFXL offering descending windows yup to 40m2 each. Larger bespoke solutions are also available on request.

You could take this product even further by integrating normal windows and doors into the sinking framework, allowing the automated façade to multi-task. Integrating an opening door into the sinking glass wall will allow easy general access then sink the entire façade to open the whole aperture.



See the HIRT Swiss Descending Window in Action

The HIRT Swiss Descending Window is an impressive architectural glazing product that offers a unique finish to a project. The glass walls are fully automated with near silent motors offering no noise pollution.

Take a look at the video here for a fantastic visual interpretation of the descending windows.