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IQ Heated Glass

How It Works

The Specialist Heated Glass has a transparent metal oxide coating applied to the glass unit. Electricity is passed through the coating via buzz bars at the head and the base of the unit which are concealed within the glass construction.

When electricity is passed through the coating it generates a radiant heat source. Depending on the power input into the glass this radiant heat can either be used to heat a space using the infra-red radiation, create a warm surface to the glass to stop condensation forming on the glass, or create a warm surface on the outside of a glass structure to stop snow or ice build-up.

IQ Glass will create a heated glass unit based on your specifications and required application. The specialist heated glass units can be single, double or triple glazed, can be installed into frameless structural installations or into framework to suit each application.

Where to use it

Heated Glass is a great solution in pool or spa areas to keep large elevations of glass condensation free. No trench works, floor grates or blow heaters are required maintaining a minimal, modern interior design.

If heated glass is to be used as an invisible heating solution for any space it is recommended you use at least 20% of the floor area of the space in heated glass. The smooth radiant heat of heated glass creates a uniquely comfortable temperature within the space, reducing any cold drafts near large glazed elevations.

Heated glass removes the need for radiators, costly underfloor heating and can be a great heat source for listed buildings or highly glazed rooms.

Real Homes recently featured this amazing product in an article on how to heat a kitchen, you can read that here:


IQ Heated Glass - Large elevations

Heated Glass @ The Showroom

Visit our showroom at Sky House in Amersham to view our heated glass in person.

Our heated glass window is on display for you to experience the heated glass technology for yourself. The glass is warm to touch and can be adjusted to a variety of temperatures while the window remains completely transparent. With the heating elements hidden within the edges of the window, you can see how minimalistic the window looks even with this incredible technology.

A member of our technical team can discuss this modern heating/window system with you and as each heated glass installation is created bespoke, they can talk you through all the options available.




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