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Minimal, Frameless Glass Links

Structural glass links are the perfect way to connect a new extension to an existing building. Whether on a listed building or on a contemporary new build property, frameless effect glass links can be designed to provide shelter between two areas of the building while enhancing the influx of natural light into the internal spaces either side of the link. IQ Glass are experts in structural glass installations and have designed and installed a myriad of glass links. Various opening systems can be integrated within the design of structural glass links including the minimal windows® Vitra Pivot and Schueco casement doors.

Glazed links between buildings are visually stunning aspects of architectural designs, seamlessly connecting two structures in a sophisticated fashion. This innovative design is ideal for listed and historical buildings as they are an unobtrusive method of extending these building structures. Glass links are also luxurious additions to modern properties to create a seamless, contemporary element linking two living spaces.

These glass links can also be habitable spaces in their own right, offering all the benefits of an all-glass indoor space. Highly glazed spaces like this provide impressive amounts of light intake to enhance the health and well being of the occupants. Homeowners and occupants being exposed to large amount of natural light is highly beneficial for their health and their circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm is another way of describing the human body clock, natural light affects our circadian rhythm as the human eye detects light and dark cycles within the environment and adjusts alertness, metabolism and sleeping patterns accordingly.

A circadian rhythm is a biological clock or process that regulates the timings of daily behaviour. This rhythm is synchronised with natures cycle, especially the light cycle which acts as a stimulus for humans at certain times of the day. Ensuring that the internal living spaces of properties and buildings are exposed to natural light is essential for the circadian rhythm and therefore aids with the general well-being of the occupants.

Opening Elements

Glass links are an endlessly versatile glass installation that can connect the past and future aspects of a building. This architectural design is not only a practical solution to connecting various areas of a building but they are also visually stunning designs. IQ Glass have designed and installed many bespoke glass links to a variety of buildings from luxury apartments to heritage manor houses and listed cottages. Frameless glass in a elegant design that is capable of creating a link between traditional and modern architecture without taking anything away from the beauty of these juxtaposing aesthetics.

These glass links can be constructed using single glazing or insulated glass units such as triple or double glazing for a thermally efficient installation. Opening elements, such as doors for glass links, can be integrated into the structural glass construction for freedom of movement between spaces. On a single glazed installation opening doors from IQ’s Frameless Interior System can be incorporated into the structural glass installation for a completely frameless finish.

IQ Glass will design and engineer the building connections, the glass to glass joints and all fixings for a sleek glass installation that will pass even the most stringent planning officer’s approval. IQ Glass are experts in structural glass design and work closely with architects to ensure the connections between the glass and existing building is minimalistic and seamless. Fixing methods can vary to suit each project need, with the option to chase all fixings into the stonework, if possible, for a completely frameless look.

Glazed links can either be designed with a highly frameless aesthetic or with built in elements that are designed to make an impact on the overall design such as framed doors, timber supports or a solid roof. For a frameless design, frameless structural glass beams and frameless glass roofs can utilise within the design for a frameless design.


structural glass link


frameless glass link with pivot door

Integrated Doors

It is possible to integrate any of our architectural glass doors into your glass link design. Which door system that is most suitable for your glass link structure will depend on design intent and budget.

In keeping with the minimal design of a structural glass link a slim framed system is often preferred such as a minimal window® or a Vitra Pivot. 

Wherever an opening is integrated into a structural glass installation additional steel support may be required to create the opening in which the door is going to be installed. These additional steel supports are designed to be as minimal as possible whilst ensuring the structural integrity of the glass link.

When a steel support has to be included as part of the design it can be finished in a number of ways to ensure a cohesive design. Back painted glass covering the steel will offer a sleek, all glass look. Alternatively an architectural metal or aluminium pressing can be used to match the door system.

Glass Specification

We will design a bespoke glass specification for your glass link, designed around the structure size and performance requirements. 

Glass links can be created using single glazing or insulated glass (double or triple glazing). If the glass link space needs insulating properties then we will need to use double glazing as a minimum. 

As a glass link is a structural glass design the inclusion of laminated glass panes is often used to increase the strength of the glass unit and create a safe structural glass design. 

Any glass to glass connection is designed by the team at IQ to be very minimal. We are able to employ our years of experience in structural glass design to create frameless glass links with no framework required. 




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