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Flat Frameless Rooflights

Where a controlled influx of light is wanted through a solid flat roof, a flat frameless rooflight or "flat roof light" can be installed within almost any roof construction to allow this steady introduction of natural light into the space below.

These frameless structural flat roof lights are greatly suited for contemporary rear extensions where roofs tend to be flat. These horizontal elements are generally mounted to a fixed up-stand on the external of the building.

On the external face, the glass panel is back painted on the external edges to hide all fixings and angles beneath to create a flush external finish which is neat, flat and frameless.

These neat back painted elements of glass are usually coloured black although if a different colour is required please speak to IQ Glass.


All Shapes and Sizes

Internally all building finishes can be brought in to cover this back painted band and all fixings to create an internally frameless finish.

These fixed rooflights can be installed at huge sizes all in one section of frameless glazing and in multiple glass panels with slim silicone joints if needed.

Specialised performance coatings such as our Solar Control Coating can help reduce the amount of solar radiation from travelling through the rooflight to reduce solar gain.

Where specialised shapes to frameless rooflights are needed IQ Glass can assist with specification and feasibility of the required shapes. Triangles, rhombus shapes and circles are all possible to achieve from these frameless structural glass installations.


Glass Specification

Single panels of insualted glass are used to create a frameless rooflight. These can be up to 6000mm x 3200mm in a single pane of glass, however access will need to be considered carefully we well as lifting and installation costs. The team at IQ are experienced at determining the most effective glass size in a single pane to suit your project. IQ Glass are also able to source larger panels from outside the UK if these are required for your project.

All of our structural glass roof installations are designed for each project, this includes the exact glass specification and fixing detail. 

We design all of our structural glass rooflights to a maintenance load, this allows two men to stand on a glass rooflight for maintenance, cleaning or access as required. This high specification structural glass design also allows our glass roofs to be classed as non-fragile glass roofs. 

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Commercial use

Frameless Rooflights

Due to the large sizes available from IQ Glass to create a frameless rooflight, these are ideal for commercial properties where natural light intake is reduced due to lack of window space or restrictions.

Integrating these rooflights into a commercial building's design may also be required if the space in the building is large and will need additional natural light coming in if the windows themselves aren’t providing enough of the light. This may be the case in educational buildings such as Universities or Colleges.

In larger projects where large or multiple glass panels are required, some sort of structural support is necessary. This can either be created by glass beams or slim steel supports. Low iron glass is used for glass beams to provide clear glass, allowing natural light to pass through and to reduce obstruction to sky views. Slim steel supports are perfect for creating a slim framed internal design by using these under the silicone joints.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com

Featured Project

Fixed rooflights were installed onto the Southend Civic Centre in a range of shapes and sizes. A coloured interlayer was integrated into these bespoke frameless rooflights to provide dynamic lighting through the eating area below.

The external construction of the roof has been back painted in a light grey to create an external cladding to help cover the solid roof construction and to create a flush external appearance to the new café space.

Click here to view the full project case study. 


Frameless Rooflights NBS Specification


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