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Residential Fire Doors

Frameless, glazed Fire Rated Doors are suitable for use as an internal fire rated door creating an exceptionally modern, frameless appearance to traditionally cumbersome elements of design.

The frameless fire-rated glazed door from IQ Glass is a new generation of glazed fire doors for up to 60 minutes insulation and 60 minutes integrity fire protection in a frameless, neat design.

Detailing is minimal, with flush head and floor details when the doors are open. This fire-rated glass door is pivoted at the head and base using specialist steel pivots that have the option electromagnetic hold open springs for automatic closing in the event of a fire.

Frameless Glass Design

A small back painted band around each opening door is the only profile that you will see which creates a neat external edge, hiding the edge of the intumescent seal of the fire rated glass.

The innovative and versatile fixing detail, using graphite strips connecting the door to any surrounding structure, means the door can be fixed into fire rated wall constructions without any chunky surrounding frame for a frameless fire rated door. Where installed into a run of fire rated structural glass a slim frame of fire rated steel or timber can be used.

Door sets can be designed as a single or double pivoting fire rated door in sizes up to 2.65m high (see specification information for maximum sizes depending on your fire rating). Handle choice is varied with the metal pull handles bonded to the surface of the glass for a neat connection detail.

Frameless Fire Rated Glass Doors are the perfect solution for internal fire rated doors in contemporary design concepts where minimal detailing and frameless glass doors are required.

frameless fire rated glass door
frameless fire rated door with steel look design

Steel Look Fire Rated Door

Even though this certified fire rated door is frameless, the thin black perimeter to each door leaf makes it a great solution to create steel look fire rated doors.

Certified fire rated doors with a true steel frame often result in a large frame size. When used on internal applications this is not normally the design that is wanted by the designer or client.

By using a specialised ceramic frit technique, we can apply a glazing bar design onto the surface of the fire rated door. This then creates the appearance of a steel framed door without large frame profiles needed.

The glazing bar designs are bespoke and applied to your specification. In order to provide a quotation for this style of door we just need to know the fire rating needed, glazing bar design wanted and the door size/configuration.  


Door Configurations

The Frameless Glazed Fire Rated Door is available as a single or double door set, either set within a solid wall or within a specialist fire rated glass screen.

Maximum Sizes:

EI30 Single Fire Rated Door 1150mm wide x 2300mm tall or 1000mm wide x 2645mm tall, maximum area 2.65 m²

EI60 Single Fire Rated Door 1000mm wide x 2300mm tall, maximum area 2.3 m²

EI30 Double Door 2528mm wide x 2298mm tall or 2198mm wide x 2643mm tall, maximum area 5.81 m²

EI60 Double Door 2000mm wide x 2300mm tall, maximum area 4,60 m²


Glass Specification

These frameless fire-rated glass doors are made with specialist fire rated glass which allows both the single and double glass door to achieve a fire rating of 30/30 or 60/60 as required.

Fire Rated Glass is made with multiple layers of toughened glass layered with fire-rated intumescent seals that react under the heat of a fire to create a fire-resistant barrier.

The thickness of the fire-rated glass is between 20-27mm for a single door and 20-28mm in a double door configuration.



These frameless glass doors have a pivoting action controlled by a floor spring box. This pivot box can be specified with an electromagnetic hold open or a non-hold open action.

The handles are structurally bonded to the face of the glass for a clean fixing detail that doesn’t alter the fire rating of the glass doors. There are 3 basic handle designs but if you would prefer a bespoke solution it may be possible.

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Commercial use

Frameless Glass Fire Doors


The clean, non-framed design of these fire rated doors is unparalleled by any other glass fire door on the market. Most other fire rated systems require large frames of steel, hardwood timber or specialist aluminium compounds to create the required fire protection.

Our Frameless Fire Rated Door can protect those essential exit ways with a minimal all glass finish. The Electromagnetic hold open floor spring can be integrated with electrical locking and fob access for restricted access through the doors if required.

Both our floor spring options have been tested to EN 1154 for controlled door closing devices and the electromagnetic option is tested to EN 1155 as well.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com



Featured Project

The Chelsea Harbour Design Centre is known to be the home of contemporary, luxury design in London. It gets hundreds of visitors through its doors every day and is important the building functions perfectly, as well as looks fantastic.

Various contemporary showroom spaces within the well-known design centre have been fitted with frameless fire rated doors to protect essential exit ways from the design centre should a fire occur in one of the showroom spaces.

The doors are fitted with electromagnetic hold open floor springs that are activated when the fire alarm sounds to create a fire rated barrier of 60/60 to the hallway exit routes.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com


Frameless Fire Rated Door Technical Specification Sheet